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Vaginal Davis on Music
We Must Have Music -- Early Christmas presents -- I received Roger & Gallet of Paris Parfumed soaps and Missy Elliot's latest Under Construction. The slimmer trimmer Missy is indeed the lady who is most under that construc as usual Ms. D-Meanor knows how to keep 42 steps ahead but still having something for those middle-of-the-roaders that pave her on the crossroads of the world. As my plum favorite Bernadette Cooper style dyky doodle I just can't wait till she puts together her own Madame X girl group. Maybe that will be her next project along with Timberland acting out as M. Hightower.

Oh and my other gem gift is Johnny Cash's American IV-The Man Comes Around. The series continues from last year's American III Solitary Man which presented the standouts Nick Cave's "Mercy Seat" and Tom Petty's "I won't Back Down". Of course what tears me inside out is "Fields of Diamonds" which features lilting backup by his wife the resplendid June Carter Cash. With IV its Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" proving that Mr. Man has gone full circle in re-claiming from those who have been inspired by him.

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