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Visual Art Gallery Representation Contacts

August 2019 CHEAP Funk podcast

CHEAP Funk podcast #14: CHEAP Mourning is online! Our radio tribute to the late great David Pendleton of Harvard Film Archive and international singing sensations The Boyfriend and Leave it to Jane.

Updated Press page includes many links to articles about Vaginal Davis art in NYC in 2017 at Invisible-Exports and The New Museum.

Vaginal Davis does not use Facebook but if you like you can like the Vaginal Davis Fan Page. To contact Vaginal Davis, use the info on Contact page.

Pastelegram interview with Vaginal Davis about Cholita! for the "Performance Anxieties section of Pastelegram's Sexing up Social Theory issue.

Review at Gallerist NY of the group show Daughters of Bad Girls at Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery in New York City which included art by Vaginal Davis.

The issue of Dazed & Confused with an interview with Vaginal Davis is out as of May 2014.

Photos of Vaginal Davis in MoMA / Girls Against God Magazine event Wolf Moon Gathering and also Bob Mizer event at the Barnet Building

Vaginal Davis and Bruce LaBruce and others give their opinions of Christmas in this German-langauge article from TAZ.

Help spread the word to help Participant Inc. Gallery in new york theonly not for profit gallery in that hideous city of careerists. what other gallery would give someone like Vaginal Davis a solo show. They're closed for August as to prepare for Helen Oliver Adelson's The Lunar Landing, opening September 8. Your support will help launch the next decade of PARTICIPANT:

Video footage from the first Visions of Excess and the Philosophy of Gifts endurance art festival curated by me and Ron Athey in Birminghman, England in 2003 for the Fierce Festival at Limosine Lapdancing establishment The Demon Club. The perfect place for a 24 hour tribute to George Batailles.

Video of Vaginal Davis performing at Ephemeropterae at TBA21 Augarten in Vienna.

The Illustrated Adventures of Vaginal Davis comic strip by Ali Fitzgerald published by Bitch Magazine.

From Art21: Queer Berlin: A Look Back at the Career of Vaginal Davis

New York Times Review of art show which includes Vaginal Davis's art: 'I Killed My Father, I Ate Human Flesh, I Quiver With Joy': 'An Obsession With Pier Paolo Pasolini' organized by Invisible-Exports and presented at Allegra LaViola Gallery in New York City through Mqrch 23, 2013.

Vaginal Davis nominated artist Katja von Helldorff for Dream The End N/N.

Artist of the Month Club Announces Curators for 2013: with image of Ms. Vaginal Davis, "Hanukkah/Kwanza," December 2012's Artist of the Month Club artwork.

Vaginal Davis appears in a photo-essay by Benjamin Huseby in issue 5 of Candy. Here's a preview of the photo.

Girls Like Us, new song by The Julie Ruin (new band of Kathleen Hanna, Kathi Wilcox, Kenny Mellman, Carmine Covelli, Sara Landeau) with guest vocals by Vaginal Davis, on special tour CD for T Cooper's new book, posted by Pitchfork.

Fashion Beyond Fashion: Camp/Anti-Camp: Vaginal Davis is Speaking from the Diaphragm at the Saal.

Art In America: The Teachings of Vaginal Davis

Opening of Vaginal Davis' Hag: small, contemporary, haggard at Participant Gallery in New York. Photos & text by Glenn Belveri

Article from Huffington Post: Vaginal Davis' 'HAG' Exhibit: Cult Artist Gets Major Solo Show At Participant Inc

Guardian UK Photo gallery: Backstage at Antony's Meltdown 2012: in pictures

This is Cabaret interview with Vaginal Davis.

Video of Tenderloin at Antony's Meltdown Festival: Das Lied von der Glocke // No Soul * Redemption / Salome's Last Dance

12 Questions: Vaginal Davis

Vaginal Davis is one of 30 LGBT Artists You Should Know at Huffington Post.

Vaginal Davis writes in ArtForum about circa 1989 LA venue Jabberjaw

TV show zdf.kultur features camp/anti-camp with Vaginal Davis, Gossip, Holly Woodlawn, Douglas Crimp, Narcissister, and more.

German-language interview with Vaginal Davis at Artinfo Deutsch: You don't have to be gay or queer, to be a freak -- Vaginal Davis über Vaginalness

Vaginal Davis interviewed in Out Magazine: Queer to the Core: an oral history of queercore.

Review of the camp/anti-camp screening of Nazimova's Salomé hosted by Vaginal Davis

recaps magazine is a new online magazine with material on Vaginal Davis - the text from My Pussy is Still in Los Angeles (I Only Live in Berlin) - and much more.

Eating Culture on Vaginal Davis's performance "My Pussy is Still in LA (I Just Live in Berlin)"

Vaginal Davis interview in Mono. zine issue #6 October 2011.

Vaginal Davis speaks, featured in sleek magazine 31

A Visit with Vaginal Davis in Berlin by Glenn Belverio

PrettyQueer interviews Vaginal Davis

I Don't Like Mondays interview: Fashion Friend: The legendary Miss Vaginal Davis

The Vaginal Davis Recordings from Rising Stars Falling Stars - the untold gossip concealed history of Hollywood and the European Film since the silent-movie era with Dr. Davis and film critic MAnuel Schubert, with soundscapes by DJ Felix Knoke.

City Arts review of Notes on Notes on Camp art show which includes art by John Waters, Vaginal Davis, Cary Leibowitz, and Bob Mizer.

Skot Armstrong review of dejecta/protecta.

Video of Vaginal Davis at MOCA shot by Jane Y. Kim.

Another Righteous Transfer discusses dejecta/protecta at the MOCA Grand Avenue

Photos by Kas Chm of dejecta/proteca

Cheeseburger Spit - demo song by Vaginal Davis new Berlin-based art band Tenderloin (from their upcoming debut album, "Armegeddonist".) Also in the band: Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, Felix Knoke a writer with Der Spiegel Online and law student member of Glen Meadmore's country band in Europa Jan Klesse.

A couple videos Vaginal Davis recorded on a recent visit to Los Angeles: Video: Revolution is My Boyfriend and Vaginal Davis in Bed with Damiana Garcia.

Docteur fol amour by Bruce Benderson, Tetu, Jullet-Aout 2010

Berliner Zeitung article on Vaginal Davis working with students on X-Schulen-Projekt of Hau.

Out's Popnography on Vaginal Davis at P.S. 122

NPR: From Elvis To Lady Gaga: Playing With Shock Value In Music

New York Press: Some Like It Vaginal

Flickr page of Aztec Warrior's photos of Vaginal Davis: Speaking from the Diaphragm

Video: Kembra Pfahler 'Actresstocracy' at opening nite of Vaginal Davis Speaking from the Diaphragm at PS122

Glenn Belverio on Speaking from the Diaphragm with photos

Vaginal Davis interviewed in Paper Magazine about Speaking from the Diaphragm Hilton Als in the New Yorker on Speaking from the Diaphragm at PS122

Photo: Ms. Davis and Warhol Superstar Bibbe Hansen at book party for Nothing up my Sleeve at participant inc. gallery

XLR8R Magazine on Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu collaborating with Ms. Davis.

Glenn Belverio blogged about Judy LaBruce and Ms. Davis' middle aged crazy auntie-crisis party at piano bar Marie's Crisis in Greenwich Village and also a pic of Vaginal Davis at Columbia Universities Semiospectacle at PS 122

Art in America review of Semiospectacle

Let Her Teach You: Questions For Vaginal Davis by Alex Gartenfeld from Interview Magazine

Spiegel Online on The Bad Breast, directed by Bruce LaBruce, in which Vaginal Davis appears. Also Bild and BZ

From the November 2009 Participant Gallery show and PME reunion show in NYC:

Vaginal Davis is featured in the October 2009 #317 Queer issue of Maximum RockNRoll.

Vaginal Davis is all over the videos for the Gossip's Music For Men TV covering the release party in London. Check out all four parts: Music For Men TV

Interview from Ponystep by Hynam Kendall: Beware the Holy Retarded Whore - a light introduction to Vaginal Davis

NY Times article by Guy Trebay on designer Rick Owens quotes Vaginal Davis. Owens made costumes for "Cheap Blackie."

TAZ Newspaper review (in German) of "Max und Moritz" by Cheap Kollective featuring Vaginal Davis.

Hollywood Reporter story on the Berlin Film Festival including Vaginal Davis and Cheap Collective's Gossip Studio.

Collages by Vaginal Davis:
Wall of Gay Shame, Aretha & Shaun Fanning Part One
Wall of Gay Shame, Aretha & Shaun Fanning Part Two
"Dorian Corey Sequin Gown Near Opie Print at Koreatown Studio"
Wall of Gay Shame Black&White, Sepia (Collage)

Vaginal Davis appeared at the Homo A Gogo festival in Olympia Washington. The festival ran August 1-6, 2006 and Dr. Davis' appearances included hosting the Friday, August 4th show.

Account of Bricktops Takes Manhattan

Vaginal Davis is interviews by John Sanchez on the podcast Feast of Fools.

Vaginal Davis' paintings appeared in the show "Founders Day: Jack Smith and the Work of Reinvention" curated by Jonathan Berger, from July 7 - August 24 2005 at Grimm Rosenfeld Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, 3rd floor in New York City. There is a review in the New York Times with mention of Vaginal Davis at the start of the second page. Images of Vaginal Davis' paintings: small image    large image

LA Weekly preview of the last Bricktops.

Vaginal Davis gives a tour of Hollywood Boulevard on the program "Pacific Drift" on KPCC 89.3. The show is being rebroadcast Sunday March 6 at 9 pm, or listen online.

article at RainbowNetwork about Vaginal Davis' appearances in the UK.

Lust: Best Places to Get Serviced with Zeal and Abandon by Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis.

Vaginal Davis inteviews the Ditty Bops in the LA Weekly article.

New York Times article by Guy Trebay about Vaginal Davis from May 23, 2004.

The LA Times has a large feature article on Vaginal Davis. Also available here with a clipping with photo of Abby Travis.

Wikipedia article on Vaginal Davis.

Webpage with photos of Visions of Excess, courtesy of Paranoid Android.

Article by Vaginal Davis: Entertaining L.A. Style: The Rules of Party Conduct.

Ms. Davis explains where to go in the LA Weekly's Best of LA issue.

Vaginal Davis is now doing a weblog. Check out this newfangled technological breakthru!

From Paper Magazine, Ann Magnuson's LA Woman column about Bricktops.

Teaser interviews with Keanu Reeves, Eminem and Missy Elliot from the upcoming book, Beware the Holy Whore ---celebrities shooting the breeze with retarded whore Vaginal Davis.

Vag reviews music

Bricktops gets a writeup in the LA Weekly

New York Times article on a dinner party thrown by designer Rick Owens and his ladylove Michele Lamy which was attended by Vaginal Davis.

Issue 36 of the highly lauded French fashion magazine Dutch includes an article by Vaginal Davis. Dutch is an English language magazine based in Paris with administrative offices in Holland. The article is titled "LA My Way" and features photos of Margaret Cho as post-modern flapper vamp Clara Cho photographed at Chapman Market.

Purchase the CD featuring Vag's shrimping song "Cherries in the Snow" on the Merchandise page.

Creme de la Creme -- article on Ms. Davis from the Detroit MetroTimes.

Bruce LaBruce confesses his Platinum Oasis experience. Plus, a kiss-and-tell-all column by Bruce about Dr. Davis.

Platinum Oasis is featured in the current high-brow issue of art magazine Frieze. Check out page 1 and page 2

Read all the hot gossip here on who was at Vaginal Davis and Ron Athey's Platinum Oasis all-night sex-laden performance art fest Platinum Oasis. The LA Weekly drops all the well-known names that were there and gives an expose on Platinum Oasis. And here's an Artists statement describing some of the wild goings-on.

Some gossip Vag sent from Europe to Glue Magazine -- Whoopi Goldberg and more.

The Beauty of the Dork -- LA Weekly cover story written by Vaginal Davis and Ron Athey.

Vaginal Davis and Ron Athey edited the special fashion issue of the LA Weekly including an article by Vag on retro shop Re-Mix.

Vag interviews Le Tigre, and the conversation is both erudite and amusing.

A report on Vag's star-studded birthday party

Vag reviews the photo book California Boys

Vaginal Davis has a song on the Mr. Lady compilation "Calling All Kings and Queens", along with songs by Sleater-Kinney, The Butchies and Le Tigre.

Vaginal Davis punditizes about the sorry state of American politics at PlanetOut

Vaginal Davis: an in-depth interview with one of the world's most important personalities.

Vag gets intimate with with dyke heartthrobs The Butchies

Vaginal Davis is featured in the book The Changing Room: Sex, Drag, and Theatre by Laurence Senelick, published by Routledge.

Vaginal Davis interviews the Magnetic Fields in the L.A. Weekly.

There is an interview with Vaginal Davis by John Sanchez, including photos of Vag's apartment, in the July 2000 issue of Index Magazine. Vag had a piece on plushies in the previous Index Magazine.

Vag interviews The Acres.

Vaginal Davis rakes Slowrider over the coals.

Vag pontificates on the Feminization of Menswear.

Vag's top 5 records, from PlanetOut.

Vag's interview with The Need in the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Vag's interview with Bibbe Hansen, Beck's mom, from Index magazine is now available on-line.

Vaginal Davis' film The White to be Angry screened in Australia with Skin Flick at Queer Screen in Sydney, February 22nd, 2000.

Vag and Johnny Ray Huston do some tag-team record reviewing in the SF Bay Guardian.

"Magnificent Product" - Vaginal Davis solo exhibit at Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Opens May 17, 2024 and runs through October 13, 2024.
More information on Moderna Museet website

gown by Rick Owens
Silver CHEAP Kollektiv necklace by Jelena Behrend Studio
Vintage Beaded necklace Crepe Suzette Collection

The return of Rising Stars, Falling Stars

Friday June 9, 20:30: Special one off Rising Stars,Falling Stars by Vaginal Davis and Daniel Hendrickson at 60th Anniversary of Arsenal Institut fur Film und Videokunst in Berlin.

The Blank Generation
Director: Amos Poe
USA / 1975 / 55 min. / 16 mm / Without dialogue
At the piano: Daniel Hendrickson
Book launch :"Accidental Archivism. Shaping Cinema's Futures with Remnants of the Past", edited by hg. von Vinzenz Hediger (Goethe-Universitat Frankfurt) and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus (Artistic Director Arsenal - Institut fur Film und Videokunst), published in the "Configurations of film" series with meson press.

Followed by: Vaginal Davis's famous series, Rising Stars, Falling Stars, which took place at the Arsenal from 2006 to 2018, is back for one evening. On the occasion of the book launch, she presents Amos Poes's THE BLANK GENERATION, a home movie about the birth of New York punk with Iggy Pop, Blondie, and Patti Smith. Her musical "partner in grime," as she would say, is the one and only Daniel Hendrickson.

"Shortly after moving to Berlin from Hollywood in 2006, Vaginal Davis started sniffing through the vaults of the Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art. She sensed that the Berlin archive was a good place to start looking for early feminist and queer traces. The result was Rising Stars, Falling Stars -- a monthly series of experimental rarities, long-forgotten commercial films, and even familiar classics of early cinema, viewed from her tilted perspective. Each screening was accompanied by live musicians and introduced by Ms. Davis." (Davis, 2012, quoted from a conversation between Marc Siegel and Vaginal Davis, in: Accidental Archivism. Shaping Cinema's Futures with Remnants of the Past.)

Vaginal Davis featured in Mousse magazine issue 83, The Artists' Artist

Read about the icon of Los Angeles queer and punk scene ~~ foundational figure of its music, performance, theater, video art, and club counterculture since the late 1970s.

Please help Kimberly Kim

Kimberly Kim, the head bartender at the Parlour Club where Vaginal Davis did Bricktops is seriously ill with two rare autoimmune diseases and needs support. Kimberly Kim was intregal to making Bricktops so special and unique and she is really a sweetheart and so deserving. She can't work anymore and needs her community to help her.

Vaginal Davis art in Australia

Vaginal Davis has art in the show Self-Creation at Warrnambool Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia
Open 26 November 2022 - 5 March 2023

1st concert in 3 years: Vaginal Davis with CHEAP, XIU XIU and Jonathan Berger in Köln

SLEEP DISORDER a worn-out concert
October 22 5pm/6pm
in Köln
Altes Pfandhaus - Kartäuserwall 20
With Jonathan Berger, Vaginal Davis, Christian Fritzenwanker, Richard Gabriel Gersch, Daniel Hendrickson, Ilyich, Chris Korte, Ligia Lewis, Nele Rucklehausen, Susanne Sachsse, Angela Seo, Martin Siemann, Marc Siegel, Pola Sieverding, Jamie Stewart
Free Admission!
more info

Date correction: Vaginal Davis videos screen at Attention Line at Artists Space

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi is pleased to announce
Attention Line Cinema Series: Vaginal Davis
Artists Space, New York, USA
corrected dates: July 27- August 6, 2022
As part of the exhibition, Attention Line, Artists Space presents a selection of videos by Vaginal Davis

Vaginal Davis art in NYC in Attention Line at Artists Space

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi is pleased to announce
11 June - 20 August 2022
Opening: Saturday, 11 June, 6 pm
11 Cortlandt Alley
New York 10013, USA

more information

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi is pleased to announce
Vaginal Davis

first part: Opened Saturday, 4 December, 6-9 pm
(opening under current 2G+ state health guidelines)
NOW EXTENDED through 12 March
Open Tuesday-Saturday 12-6pm
Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi
Schöneberger Ufer 61, 10785 Berlin

second part at Eden Eden:
closes 12 February
Open Friday and Saturday 12-6pm Eden Eden
Bülowstr. 74, 10783 Berlin

The Chanterelles Are Waning:
A Vaginal Davis-style Los Angeles Bike Tour

Sunday, November 14, 1 PM - 4 PM
Check-in and exhibition tour at 1pm
Ride promptly at 2pm
info and rsvp
ICA LA invites you to a bike tour of Downtown Los Angeles to discover the city through the lens and memory of artist Vaginal Davis -- an iconic cultural figure whose work, rooted in performance, adopts notions of freakiness to dismantle cultural norms around gender, sexuality, and race. Davis was born and raised in Los Angeles and currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

Vaginal Davis art in "Witch Hunt" exhibit at ICA LA and Hammer Museum

Witch Hunt features 16 critically acclaimed international artists who employ feminist, queer, and decolonial strategies to explore gender, power, and the global impacts of systemic patriarchy. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Hammer Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (ICA LA), and works are on view at both sites. The exhibit runs October 10, 2021 to January 9, 2022 at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

The New York Times featured the art of Vaginal Davis, including a portrait of punk photographer Jenny Lens as part of their coverage of Witch Hunt.

March 11, 2021: Tender Talk nr. 3: Carolin Emcke and Vaginal Davis

Thursday March 11 20:00 Zurich time: Tender Talk Nr. 3: Carolin Emcke & Vaginal Davis - Schauspielhaus Zurich A Live-Talk on Zoom (link will be uploaded to below link before the discussion.)

Discourse meets Drag: Carolin Emcke meets Vaginal Davis! In her art, Vaginal Davis works with an explosive array of media and materials, her performances have politicised generations of queer artists (including our in-house director Wu Tsang), and her lectures have taken her as far as the lecture halls of Harvard. Where Vaginal Davis seems to elude unambiguity, Carolin Emcke finds a language for the inexpressible. Like hardly anyone else, the philosopher and author succeeds in a radical analysis of our current times without losing the tenderness of the individual fate. We are very much looking forward to the encounter between the two Berliners by choice, to intellectuality and intersexuality in Tender Talk No. 3.

Link for live talk on Zoom

Vaginal Davis in Art Basel March 2021

March 24-27, 2021 Vaginal Davis will have art in the Online Viewing Rooms of Art Basel under Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi. More info: Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi at Art Basel

New Vaginal Davis Press

There's been a recent blitz of media with Vaginal Davis:

Email Volleyball Interview with Brontez Purnell

Vaginal Davis is one of four queer artists discussing their most powerful work with THEM.

The Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum invited Vaginal Davis to record an Artist Video Diary about life during Covid-19.

Vaginal Davis art in virtual art FAIR

Vaginal Davis's artwork "The End Of A Perfect Day" is being exhibited by Adams and Ollman gallery in the virtual NADA art fair FAIR

Through May 29, 2020: Vaginal Davis in Arsenal 3 Virtual Cinema

As part of the virtual cinema program running through May 29, the trailer to Vaginal Davis's series Rising Stars Falling Stars - We Must Have Music, and a Vaginal Davis short film from 2001 as well as other CHeAAP Collective works will be screened.
Details: English - Deutsch
arsenal 3 free login

Vaginal Davis is one of the announced participants in the 13th Gwangju Biennale in South Korea, 26 February-9 May 2021.

The Gwangju Biennale has been postponed from 2020 to 2021. Vaginal Davis is one of the participating artists.
Gwangju Biennale website

SAVVY Film Series: Take VIII with Vaginal Davis:
Velvet Goldmine

Vaginal Davis hosts a screening of Todd Haynes' Velvet Goldmine at Savvy Contemporary, Plantagenstrasse 31, Berlin on Wednesday January 8, 2020
Facebook event

Vaginal Davis in Chicago in 2020:

No One Leaves Delilah lecture & dining on Feb 5, 2020 at Art Institute of Chicago:

Gallery installation of Vaginal Davis's film The White To Be Angry at Art Institute of Chicago Feb 1-Apr 26, 2020

Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome encore: DIVA

For their Christmas special, archivists Vaginal Davis und Daniel Hendrickson, who are otherwise on the trail of Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome at different locations in the city, return to Arsenal. They are presenting DIVA by Jean-Jacques Beineix, the 1981 cult film. Free entry for members! Membership can be obtained at the box office

Wednesday, December 18, 8pm, presented by Vaginal Davis followed by drinks
DIVA Jean-Jacques Beineix F 1981 35 mm OVgerS 117'
Potsdamer Strasse 2, 10785 Berlin, Germany
"Jules is a postman, opera lover, and a fan of the world-famous diva Cynthia Hawkins. During a concert by the singer, he secretly makes a recording of the performance. When the tape gets confused for another, he ends up in unexpected difficulties. DIVA is without doubt one of the most important European films of the early 80s: stylistically polished to the point of being mannered, this thriller full of quotes and references catapulted French cinema into the present and combined fairy tale elements, film noir lifts, and the neon-blue pop aesthetic of the New Wave to create a total art work that set new standards." (J. Kurz)

Vaginal Davis in London

London: Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest
London Solo Private Exhibition:
Vaginal Davis: In Search of Gnost Time Saturday November 16, 2019 5:30-7:30pm at Stoke Newington Library Gallery London England UK FREE

Ms Davis' latest work salutes the women of Marcel Proust filtered through Gnosticism, and the Jewish Mysticism of Ms Davis' Jewish grandmother from her fathers side of the family as well as Goddess Last of Sheila.
SUN NOV 17, 15:30
18 Edward's Ln, Stoke Newington
3:30pm archive short film screening(52min): VooDoo Williamson-Dona of Dance, The White to be Angry, Dot.
5pm, a lecture by Ms Vaginal Davis.
Presented with community partner And What? Queer. Arts. Festival.
Supported by The Goethe Institut

Vaginal Davis art at NADA Chicago

Visual art by Vaginal Davis is showing in
NADA Chicago Invitational, September 18-21, 2019.
New Discretions, Hotel Room #402
Chicago Athletic Association Hotel
12 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603, USA
Wednesday, September 18: 2pm - 7pm
Thursday, September 19: 11am - 7pm
Friday, September 20: 11am - 7pm
Saturday, September 21: 11am - 7pm
For more info email

Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome: Brazil's Cinema Nova

Tuesday, September 10th, 8pm: Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome on the patio of Vollguter Gemeinschaftsgarten! In the second open-air edition of her series of performances from the Arsenal archive, Vaginal Davis - supported by Daniel Hendrickson as always - will give an insight into Brazil's Cinema Novo. Free for members!

at Vollguter Gemeinschaftsgarten, Werbellinstr. 50, Berlin-Neukölln, on the grounds of the former Kindl Brauerei. In case of rain, the event will take place at the Infozentrale house next to the garden

Admission 12 Euros, Reduced 9 Euros, Admission free for Arsenal members

Facebook event

A program within the framework of "Archive ausser sich".

Vaginal Davis Art at Condo New York

JUNE 27-AUGUST 2, 2019

Adams and Ollman is pleased to participate in Condo New York with a group exhibition hosted by JTT and featuring works by Katherine Bradford, Vaginal Davis, and Jeffry Mitchell. Through passages of contradictory space, non-linear narratives, or riotous decoration that obscure a depth of meaning, each artist in the exhibition establishes a personal landscape that eludes clear boundaries.

Vaginal Davis conjures her paintings with a concoction of cosmetics, beauty products, domestic household goods, witchcraft potions, elixirs and compounds. Layers of expressive marks cover various found substrates--magazine pages, exhibition invitations, hotel stationery--as Davis deploys a painterly language of turbulent strokes, gestural lines, and smudgy wisps to form complex portraits of underrepresented or neglected historic figures, always with an eye on feminist and queer traces. Highlighting essence over likeness, Davis embraces an abstract definition of portraiture that speaks to surface and public persona as it veils a hidden, interior self.

Vaginal Davis intervention at Theaster Gates Black Image Corporation Exhibit at Gropius Bau

Ladies on Paper. Recent Works by Vaginal Davis is the first institutional presentation of Vaginal Davis' paintings in Berlin. Over a period of six weeks, six different recent portraits will be shown successively in single hangings. Taken from a series of works created over the last two years, the paintings depict six different public figures from the worlds of art, film and literature.

On the occasion of the current exhibition The Black Image Corporation. Theaster Gates, the Gropius Bau invites artists to choose their own individual ways to respond to the photographs on display. Ladies on Paper is Vaginal Davis' response.

Ladies on Paper begins with a portrait of Julian Eltinge, who was not only a female impersonator in the early twentieth century, but also the editor of Eltinge Magazine, a women's fashion periodical. Vaginal Davis' alternative cover girls form counterparts to the photographic images to be seen in the exhibition The Black Image Corporation. Theaster Gates.

Thursday July 4, 5pm-5:45pm: Hinten Gymnasium, vorne Museum: Performative Reading by Vaginal Davis
On the occasion of the exhibition The Black Image Corporation. Theaster Gates, Vaginal Davis presents a performative reading that brings her late mother's copy of the July 1956 issue of Jet magazine to life.
Facebook event

Theaster Gates Black Image Corporation Exhibit.
Gropius Bau, Niederkirchnerstrasse 7, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Original Sin A Concert: June 19 and 20 in Berlin

June 19/20: Susanne Sachsse & xiu xiu: Original Sin: A Concert. With Vaginal Davis, Susanne Sachsse, Angela Seo (Xiu Xiu), Marc Siegel and Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu).
Ballhaus Berlin GmbH
Chausseestrasse 102
10115 Berlin

Vaginal Davis art in Art After Stonewall 1969-1989

Art by Vaginal Davis is featured in the exhibit "Art after Stonewall, 1969-1989" at New York University's Grey Art Gallery and the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. The exhibit runs April 24-July 20, 2019.
Grey Art Gallery website

Free: April 8: Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome - what is a Kollektiv?

Montag 08.04. 20.00 *Winnie Wright, Age 11: Suzanne Davenport, Greg Grieco, Betsy Martins, Gordon Quinn, Teena Webb USA 1974 16mm/engl. OF/25 min
*Frame-up! The Imprisonment of Martin Sostre: Steven Fischler, Joel Sucher, Howard Blatt USA 1974 16mm/engl. OF/ 30 min
und special surpise!

Präsentiert von Vaginal Davis und Daniel Hendrickson
bei b_books, Lübbenerstr. 14., Berlin-Kreuzberg
Freier Eintritt

CHEAP Kollektiv art band Ruth Fischer will perform March 9 at The Berliner Festspiele

More information to be announced.
Berliner Festspiele website

Vaginal Davis art in group show in Amsterdam

Vaginal Davis has art in the group show Fabric Faces, Powder Phrases at Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Amsterdam
Installation Views
Althuis Hofland Fine Arts
Hazenstraat 11
1016 SM Amsterdam
The Netherlands
22 November - 05 January, 2019

Next in the film series Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome from Vaginal Davis and Daniel Hendrickson: White Christmas

Vaginal Davis and Daniel Hendrickson's new film series with Arsenal Berlin is Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome.

Third installment runs Sunday December 16 at 18:00
a musical and an agitprop film:
White Christmas (Michael Curtiz, USA 1954)
White Christmas (Harun Farocki, BRD 1968)

Wu Tsang and Liz Rosenfeld
Late Night Fermentation Salon: an event with cocktails and delicacies

Film and salon 25 Eur (22 Eur Arsenal members)
Film only 8 Eur (5 Eur Arsenal members)
At Gropius Bau, Niederkirchnerstrasse 7, 10963 Berlin

(click images to enbiggen.)

The Vaginal Davis Institute of HIGH Performance Art

Weirdos and oddballs unite. Its time that The Maladjusted Rule!
Its not the normative ones who move culture forward its the freakazoids.
If you're hungry to break free of the chains of normalcy why not take a pitstop to Berlin Germany and attend The Vaginal Davis Institute of HIGH Performance Art
Yes yes and more yes. A 5 day intense one-on-one Master Class with the Mistress of Trespass Cinema, Queercore Zine Movement and Outsider Art.
She'll turn you out and pimp up your skills. After time spent with La Diva Ms. Davis they won't recognize you back at art school.ess Vaginal Davis is the definate cure for ennui, shyness, dandruff and knockknees.

Vaginal Davis has taught performance art workshops, and seminars at major universities, colleges and art schools all over the world. Her Framing the Freakazoid-DBD: (Doing-By-Doing) Course is legendary.

sliding scale fee based on your poverty/prosperity level.
Limited housing options also available.
Contact:, for more info and scheduling.

Vaginal Davis Art in museum show in Portland, Oregon

The show Between that features Vaginal Davis's art opened at the Portland Art Museum on Friday July 20 and runs until October 14, 2018: more info

Vaginal Davis Art solo art show and artist talk in Portland, Oregon Sept 12 and 13

In addition Ms. Davis is also giving an artist talk at PICA - Portland Institute of Contemporary Art on Sept 12th and a solo painting exhibit Invitation to the Dance, a meditation on female movement opens at Adams & Ollman Gallery on Sept 13.
More information on Invitation to the Dance at Adams & Ollman

Vaginal Davis DJane set before Christeene at Berghain

Wednesday Sept 5 in Berlin:
8:00 door and Vaginal Davis DJane Set
9:30/10 Michele Lamy
At Berghain
Event info

Thursday July 12: Vaginal Davis & Marc Siegel: A (W)rap on Desire at Ästhetik des Begehrens in Berlin

What are the common laws of desire? Vaginal Davis, the doyenne of intermedia arts and sciences, and film historian Marc Siegel, aka Marcuse Siegelstein, will ponder this question and others in their intimate performative conversation "No one Leaves Delilah: A (W)rap on Desire." This is the fourth in the international "(W)rap series" that began in 2012 in New York City with Davis and the late theorist José Esteban Muñoz's "(W)rap on Race".
Ästhetik des Begehrens
Koserstr. 20, 14195 Berlin, Germany
more information on Facebook

CHEAP presents Susanne Sachsse and Xiu Xiu: Original Sin. A Concert in Cologne and Basel

Sunday, June 10, 8:30 pm at the Stadtgarten in Cologne
CHEAP presents Susanne Sachsse and Xiu Xiu: Original Sin. A Concert
with Vaginal Davis, Susanne Sachsse, Angela Seo, Marc Siegel and Jamie Stewart
We are very happy to be guests of the Akademie der Künste der Welt in Cologne with our live installation version of Original Sin. Come check it out! Or tell you friends in the Cologne area. For more info check out the following website:

Thursday, June 14, 9:00 pm at the Kaserne in Basel
CHEAP presents Susanne Sachsse and Xiu Xiu: Original Sin. A Concert
with Vaginal Davis, Susanne Sachsse, Angela Seo, Marc Siegel and Jamie Stewart
We are very happy to have been invited by Ewa Birkenstock to participate in the Liste Art Basel Performance Project with Original Sin. This version will also be a live installation but with some nice additional set elements. Come check it out or tell your arty or Swiss friends! website information on the performance

April 5: Vaginal Davis gives opening talk, workshop in Vienna at Independent Film School.

Talk is open to the public, workshop is closed. The School Friedl Kubelka for Independent Film is pleased to invite you to an evening with Vaginal Davis: Framing the Freakazoid: Doing-by-Doing (DBD)
FB Event

Vaginal Davis with Seth Bogart and Dynasty Handbag in Oslo April 11

Vaginal Davis will be performing along with Seth Bogart and Dynasty Handbag at the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway on April 11. Part of the series Trollkrem Import.
More information

Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures, Saturday 27 January at Acud Macht Neu (Studio)

Performative conversation sat 8pm at Acud: No one leaves Delilah a (W)rap on Riots with Natasha Ginwala
At Acud Macht Neu (Studio), Veteranenstrasse 21, 10119 Berlin more information

Feb 10, 2018: Vaginal Davis at Groove Ball in Porto, Portugal

more info: facebook/houseofgrooveball

Vaginal Davis DJane at Forum Party February 22 in BerliN

in Berlin on Thursday Feb 22 as part of the 68th International Filmfestspiele The Berlinale and 48th Forum - In the Realm of Perfection and Elsewhere and 13th Forum Expanded- A Mechanism Capable of Changing Itself Vaginal Davis will DJane for the 5th year in a row the Forum Party at Akademie der Kunste at Hansaplatz in Tiergarten.

'Vaginal Davis presents Rising Stars, Falling Stars': Every Day's a Holiday screens January 12, 2018

Every Day's a Holiday (1937) is directed by Louise Brooks' husband A. Edward Sutherland and stars the great Mae West.

Arsenal listing

Vaginal Davis Presents Rising Stars, Falling Stars
Sweet 16mm, Never Been Kissed
Friday January 12, 2018 8:00pm
Arsenal Institut für Film- und Videokunst @
silent green Kulturquartier
Gerichtstrasse 35
13347 Berlin

(click images to enbiggen.)

Vaginal Davis in New Museum Exhibition "Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon" (September 27, 2017-January 21, 2018)

"Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon" investigates gender's place in contemporary art and culture at a moment of political upheaval and renewed culture wars. The exhibition features an intergenerational group of artists who explore gender beyond the binary to usher in more fluid and inclusive expressions of identity.

Sept 28 Vaginal Davis performance: Blick und Begehren (Gaze and Desire) at New Museum in NYC. Tickets

Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon on New Museum website

Vaginal Davis Visual Art at NADA Miami December 7-10

Vaginal Davis has art at two booths at NADA Miami December 7-10:

NADA Miami
Booth 6.03
Vaginal Davis
Duncan Hannah
Matthew Porter
Marianne Vitale

07 - 10 December 2017
Preview 7th December, 10am - 12pm
Booth 1.04

Ice Palace Studios
1400 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

December 8-11, 2017 in Berlin: CHEAP presents Susanne Sachsse anD Xiu Xiu: Original Sin. A Concert

With Vaginal Davis, Susanne Sachsse, Angela Seo, Marc Siegel, Jamie Stewart.
at silent green, Berlin
More details at silent green website
Fr, 08.12.2017 - Mo, 11.12.2017, Kuppelhalle, 20:00 - 22:00
Facebook event

Vaginal Davis at We Make Waves Festival in Berlin

We Make Waves Festival runs 9-11 November, 2017 in Berlin.
Introducing We Make Waves, a new Berlin-based festival and conference made for women and non-binary people poised to disrupt the music industry. This November, we will bring together a group of renegade performers, artists, and activists from Berlin and beyond in order to share transformational ideas, experiences, and motivation for future projects and collaborations.

Vaginal Davis will perform at St. Elisabeth Kirche on Saturday, November 11th, 2017.
We Make Waves tickets
We Make Waves Facebook event

Vaginal Davis and Louise Nevelson: Chimera at Invisible-Exports in NYC

Art exhibit: Vaginal Davis & Louise Nevelson: Chimera. September 8-October 22, 2017.
Reception: Friday, September 29, 6-8pm
Invisible-Exports, 89 Eldridge Street, NY NY 10002.

June 6 & 7: Susanne Sachsse and Vaginal Davis at Hannah Hurtzig's Mobile Academy at Kampnagel in Hamburg

Hannah Hurtzig / Mobile Akademie Berlin: The Immobilized or: Salle Des Pas Perdus: Das Meer als Transitraum zwischen Leben und ToD
06.06. 19:00 - ca. 20:30
07.06. 18:30 - ca. 20:00
07.06. 21:00 - ca. 22:30
Kampnagel, K6
Jarrestrasse 20
22303 Hamburg
English info
German info

Vaginal Davis At Documenta 14, April 27-30 in Kassel, Germany

Vaginal Davis No One Leaves Delilah will be appearing Friday, April 28 at 11:30pm at Fridericianum, Friedrichsplatz 18, Kassel
This is part of The Parliament of Bodies: How does it feel to be a problem? More information on this section of Documenta14: Here
See also unofficial venue info from U in U.

Vaginal Davis and Wu Tsang at L'Editathon Art+Feminisms in Paris March 4

As part of a two-day Wikipedia Editathon March 4-5 at the National Archive in Paris, France, "No one Leaves Delilah": a conversation between Vaginal Davis and Wu Tsang on the late punk professor Jose Estaban Munoz of NYU will take place on March 4 at 3:30 pm.
Information in French
Information in English
Click image for larger version

CHEAP Funk at January podcast now available

The january CHEAP Funk theme was Carte Blanche with Vaginal Davis, DJane Nancy aka Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muzlim with Manuel Schubert aka Vicki Baum of Filmanzeiger podcast and and special guest celebrity from Hollywood the award winning novelist Lisa Teasley.
January Podcast

GenderFest 2017 in Athens, Greece

Vaginal Davis will be participating in GenderFest 2017 in Athens, Greece on January 28, 2017. More information at and Facebook

MobileAcademy:The Extraordinary Ordinary

Vaginal Davis is one of a number of Experts appearing at this conference on Disability, techno-bodies and the question of autonomy.
Friday, October 21, checkin 6:30pm, Kapnagel, Jarrestrasse 20, Hamburg.
English listing information
Deutsch info

Vaginal Davis Keynote Speaker at Creative Time Summit in Washington DC

The World's Largest International Conference on Art and Social Change, Creative Time Summit will have Vaginal Davis as a Keynote Speaker. The conference takes place October 14-16, 2016 in Washington, DC.
Creative Time Summit website
October 14-16, 2016

If you are not to make it to the summit in person, it will be streaming online and at various sites worldwide.
Vaginal Davis's keynote will be at 10am Eastern Time on Saturday, Oct 15.

Vaginal Davis at Kunstverein Hannover June 17

Ms. Davis will be giving an artist talk, have a film installation, and painting exhibition as part of the Tanz Congress at the Kunstverein Hannover. Her artist talk is June 17th 5pm and her visual art will be on exhibit in the musuem for a month.

Participant After Dark Secret Garden Party in NYC June 8

The Board of Trustees of PARTICIPANT INC cordially invite you to PARTICIPANT AFTER DARK (Vol. 2)
A secret garden party in honor of Vaginal Davis and Susanne Sachsse of CHEAP kollectiv
On the occasion of The Magic Flute, Part Two: A Film in Pieces by Michel Auder and Michael Stickrod, at 80WSE Gallery.
Wednesday, June 8, 7-10pm
VIP Cocktails, 7-8pm
Hors d'Oeuvres and garden mingling, 8-10pm
At Izhar Patkin Studio, East Village
To purchase tickets, visit

The Magic Flute Part Two: A Film In Pieces in NYC opening in June

The Goethe-Institut, 80WSE Gallery, and Cheap Collective cordially invite you to The Magic Flut Part Two: A Film in Pieces Opening Celebration, June 7, 2016.

6:30-8pm: Goethe-Institut, 30 Irving Place, NY, NY:
Press Conference: brings together Magic Flute collaborating artists Michael Auder, Jonathan Berger, Vaginal Davis, Susanne Sachsse, Jamie Stewart, and Michael Stickrod for a live conversation about the creative process, from performance to film. Moderated by Lia Gangitano. Free and open to the public.

8:30-1:30pm, 80WSE Gallery, 80 Washington Sq E, NY, NY:
Exhibition Opening Party, Free and open to the public.

Exhibition runs June 7-August 12, 2016 at 80WSE Gallery, 80 Washington Square West, New York, NY 10003

Full graphics with information at NYU 80WSE

Vaginal Davis solo art exhibit in NY at Invisible-Exports: Come on Daughter Save Me

VAGINAL DAVIS - Come on Daughter Save Me
November 20 - December 19, 2015
Opening reception: Friday, November 20, 6-8pm
Invisible-exports, 89 eldridge street, new york ny, 10002, 212 226 5447
New York Times Rave Review: Vaginal Davis's Feminist Wall Reliefs Pledge 'Open Revolt' by Holland Cotter

The Magic Flute - Dec 1-5 in New York City

The Magic Flute in NY Times Top 10 of 2015
The Magic Flute
written by Vaginal Davis
directed by Susanne Sachsse
music by Jamie Stwart of Xiu Xiu
December 1-5, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm
by Reservation Only -
At NYU's 80WSE Gallery, 80 Washington Square East (between West 4th St and Washington Place)

November 17: Youth Hostelling with Vaginal Davis at NYU

with special guest Susanne Sachsse & moderated by Tavia Nyong'o
November 17, Tuesday, 7 to 8:30 pm
Vaginal Davis, performer, artist
Susanne Sachsse, performer, artist
Tavia Nyong'o, Performance Studies, New York University
This performative interview with artists Vaginal Davis and Susanne Sachsse is timed to coincide with Vaginal Davis's staging of The Magic Flute at NYU. Both artistes will be on hand to discuss their current and past collaborations as part of the Cheap Collective, Berlin: collaborations that include the original evening-length melodrama, Communist Bigamist. Decrypt masonic symbols! Learn more about Dr. Davis's namesake! Exult in the sheer force of Ms. Sachsse's presence!
Performance Studies Studio, 721 Broadway, 6th Floor
Co-sponsored by the NYU Center for the Study of Gender & Sexuality, Department of Performance Studies, & 80WSE Galleries.
This event is free & open to the public. Venue is wheelchair-accessible.
NYU website listing
Facebook event

Vaginal Davis and Susanne Sachsse Artist Talk: Ready for my Next Display at Goethe-Institut New York

November 10, 2015, 6:30 pm, Goethe-Institut New York, 30 Irving Place, NYC

In conversation with Berlin-based artist Vaginal Davis, director and actress Susanne Sachsse speaks about her experience in queer film and performance and her East German background. Presenting her work with stage directors such as Einar Schleef and Vegard Vinge as well as her collaborations with queer film, theater, and performance artists (including Davis, Ronald Tavel, and Bruce LaBruce), Sachsse discusses the relationship between actress, performer, and role to rethink female agency on stage and screen.

This evening event at the Goethe-Institut takes place in conjunction with the performance of a radical reinterpretation of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's The Magic Flute by Sachsse and Davis in a unique collaboration with composer Jamie Stewart, lighting designer Jackie Shemesh, musicologist Roger Grant, filmmaker Michel Auder, and Jonathan Berger and Jesse Bransford of NYU Steinhardt. The acclaimed group of international artists will be in residence at 80WSE Gallery throughout the fall.

The Magic Flute is an installation and critical transformation of Mozart's celebrated 1791 musical drama. Reimagining and disordering the narrative of the opera, the installation amplifies the subversive alternatives to humanism already quietly suggested in Mozart's music and Schikaneder's libretto. Staging an interrogation of the fragile boundary between humanity and mechanization, it elaborates a set of inquiries begun in the eighteenth century about human life and its others. The Magic Flute will have free public performances December 1st to 5th at 80WSE. On December 6th and 7th, the performances will be closed to the public, allowing them to function as the subject of a film shoot directed by Michel Auder.

Vaginal Davis in group art show Bring Your Own Body at Cooper Union in NYC

Bring Your Own Body: Transgender Between Archives and Aesthetics presents the work of transgender artists and archives. The exhibit historicizes the sexological and cultural imaginary of transgender through a curatorial exploration of the Kinsey Archives. Simultaneously it presents contemporary transgender art and world making practices that contest existing archival narratives and construct new historical genealogies.

Participating artists: Niv Acosta, Mark Aguhar, Math Bass, Effy Beth, Justin Vivian Bond, Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz, Vaginal Davis, Zackary Drucker, Chloe Dzubilo, Reina Gossett & Sasha Wortzel, Juliana Huxtable, Greer Lankton, Pierre Molinier, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Flawless Sabrina, Buzz Slutzky, and Chris Vargas and the Museum of Transgender Hirstory and Art.

Presented with support from Kinsey Institute, Empire State Pride Agenda, Visual AIDS, Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory, and the Department of Performance Studies at NYU.

Organized by Jeanne Vaccaro with Stamatina Gregory

Opening Reception October 13th 6pm - 8pm
Exhibition Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 7pm, October 13-November 14, 2015

Vaginal Davis performance art score "Orifice Descending" performance in NYC

Invisible Exports Gallery in NYC presents Vaginal Davis performance score "Orifice Descending" (2015) written for NYC artist Clifford Owens performed by his troupe.
Saturday, September 5, 2015, 4:30-5:30pm.
At INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, 89 Eldridge St, New York, New York 10002.
Vaginal Davis solo visual art show of sculpture panels and audio text opens Nov 20th at Invisible-Exports gallery and the exhibit is called Come on daughter save me
FB Event for Orifice Descending

Are You For Real? Art & Film Congress in Lisbon, Portugal

Vaginal Davis will appear at the Are You For Real? Art & Film Congress in Lisbon, Portugal July 5th that explores Blaxploitation cinema and afrofuturism at the Portuguese Cinematheque.
Are You For Real program

New Vaginal Davis installation: Flirtation Walk - The Ho Stroll at the Nada Art Fair in NYC

Rod Bianco Gallery, Oslo, is pleased to announce its participation in the 2015 edition of NADA New York, taking place May 14-17, at Basketball City, located at 299 South Street on the East River. This is the gallery's third participation in a NADA fair (New York, 2014; Miami Beach, 2014).

Rod Bianco Gallery is presenting Berlin based artist Vaginal Davis' solo exhibition "Flirtation Walk (The Ho Stroll)." Vaginal Davis is the internationally revered intersexed doyenne of intermedia arts and sciences.

Coming from a long line of Louisiana Black Creole sex workers, courtesans, concubines, temple prostitutes, voodoo priestesses, shamans, and witchy women the lure and lore of this form of renumeration has long held me in fascinating rhythm. For many years in my hometown of Los Angeles, California I worked as a drag dominatrix calling myself Mistress Veronica V'Interest at the infamous House of Domination in Hollywood of the famous German American Mistress Ilsa Strix who is now married to the A-list transgendered film director Lana Wachowski of the Matrix franchise. For three years in the Russian Quarter of West Hollywood (2002-2005) I curated a weekly salon/performance space and speakeasy called Bricktops at the Parlour Club that was housed in a building that in the 1920s had been a bordello. I feel that the time is ripe to mount an installation or cubby hole featuring small intimate portraits in my iconic make-up style of famous female courtesans and concubines from the Belle Epoch to Hollywood's Golden Era plus tiny sculptural art objects similar to my votive bread effigies of well endowed male hustlers, rent boys which of course will include some well known names of mainstream he-man box office stars and of the legendary art rock band The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, "We all monkey down the street."

Vaginal Davis at Utopias Performance Art Festival in Kingston, Ontario

The Festival will run March 13-15. Vaginal Davis will give an artist talk and performance lecturina on Saturday, March 14: Sassafras, Cypress & Indigo -- Black Screen Images and the Notion of Freakiness.
Facebook Event info

Vaginal Davis in Glasgow, Scotland for GLITCH Film Fest

GLITCH is a queer, trans, intersex, people of colour film festival March 19-28 in Glasgow presented by Digital Desperados.
GLITCH Program
Festival closes Saturday March 28 with Presentation and analysis of films and occasions past by Ms. Vaginal Davis.

Vaginal Davis in group art show KEY FIGURES in Portland, Oregon

Vaginal Davis
Luc Fuller
Arnold Joseph Kemp
Brian Kokoska
Michael Lazarus
Gladys Nilsson
Misleidys Francisca Castillo Pedroso
Brion Nuda Rosch
Adams and Ollman
209 SW 9th Avenue
Portland, Oregon

MS. VAGINAL DAVIS AND CHEAP AT 10 YEAR Anniversary of Forum Expanded at 65th Berlinale Film Festival

Opening of Forum Expanded at the Akademie de Kunst in the infamous Tiergarten Feb 4th
Ms. Davis is back this year as Spinderella on the Wheels of Steel at the Forum Party
Internationales Forum des Jungen Films
Feb 12th Green Salon at Volksbuhne 10pm -4:30am

Vaginal Davis in Oldenburg on the German/Dutch Border

Vaginal Davis puts on her Dr. Davis hat to give a peformative lecture as part of the Perverse Gefuege Heteronormative Ordnungen Inter/Medial Queeren Internationale Tagung Jan 29-31st Features talks by Raju Rage (London) Marc Siegel (Frankfurt am Main) and Mimi Thi Nguyen (USA)
The bad English translation: Perverse Assemblages Queering Heteronormative Orders Inter/Medially
2015 Campus Haarenfeld Gebauude A9/Raum 0-0018 Carl von Ossietsky
Universitaet Oldenburg Ammerlaender Heerstrasse 114-118 D-26111 Oldenburg
>a href="">

Vaginal Davis at Visuelles Dekolonisieren Congress and Workshop

Vaginal Davis gives performative artist talk as part of Visuelles Dekolonisieren Congress and Workshop, Donnerstag Nov 6th 7pm at the Ort Filmstudio HBK Braunschweig-Johannes-Selenka Platz 1 38118 Braunschweig

Featured speakers include Nanna Heidenreich, Ulrike Bergermann, Tobias Nagl and Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa.

Vaginal Davis art in group show at Lamp Gallery/Sheros in Tokyo, Japan

A Yayoi Kusama Collage Vaginal Davis made is in a group show in Japan at Lamp Gallery/Sheros
Tokyo Japan 4-28-15 Jinguamae
Shibuyaka-ku Tokyo 150-1000j Japan
curated by Jennifer Armbrust.
Thursday, October 23, 2014

Vaginal Davis Lectures in Koln Friday Sept 26.

At Hoerspiel Forum NRW 2014 in Koln, Germany, Friday Sept 26th, Vaginal Davis will present the lecture "Sassafras Cypress & Indigo-Black screen images and the [e]motive notion of Freakiness."
For more information, see

Upcoming Vaginal Davis DJane Gigs in Berlin

DJaning Friday Feb 28th at Sud Block Admiral Str 1-2 at Kotbusser Tor in Kreuzberg 10-12pm at a premiere party of 5 songs from the upcoming album NEW CUISINE by the hot Berlin based group duo Easter.
Facebook event

Vaginal Davis DJanes at the Schwuz club on Sunday Feb 9th at the party for Bruce LaBruce/Susanne Sachsse's Pierrot Lunaire party after the screening at the Berlinale

Ms. Davis also DJanes Thursday Feb 13 at the Forum Berlinale Party at the Volksbuhner

Physique Tutorial: VD's BM

Vaginal Davis is Speaking From the Perineum
Tuesday, January 28th @ 8pm
Barney Building
34 Stuyvesant Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)
Einstein Auditorium, ground floor
New York City

Vaginal Davis is Extemperaneously Excavating Bob Mizer.
Vaginal Davis, the doyenne of intermedia intersex art and culture, along with co-host Billy Miller of Straight to Hell magazine presents a special edition of her award winning talkshow/installation, Vaginal Davis is Speaking From the Diaphragm. This new edition features a lovesexy panel of internationally revered artists, writers, critics and personalities who will vamp on everything that is the world of the late photographer/filmmaker Bob Mizer of the Athletic Model Guild and Physique Pictorial.

With Special Guests: Art Critic Vince Aletti! Mizer Foundation President Dennis Bell! Archivist Tonya Blazio-Licorish! Author C. Carr! Curator and Light Industry Founding Director Ed Halter! L.A. Underground Legends Bibbe Hansen and Sean Carillo! Artist K8 Hardy! Conceptual Pornstar Colby Keller! Circus of Books Owner Karen Mason! Mizer's Studio Assistant and Artist John Sonsini! Author Justin Spring! Fales Library Director Marvin Taylor!

DJ and Soundscapes by Ross Menuez/Salvor Projects! Video and Visuals by Jean Kim!

Vaginal Davis in New York at MoMA PS1

Sunday, January 26, 2014, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Girls Against God magazine hosts
Wolf Moon Gathering, an afternoon of performance

Girls Against God Magazine, published by Capricious, co-edited by Bianca Casady and Anne Sherwood Pundyk gathers the forces for a celebration of the wild female soul. Hosted by Fairy Goddess Mother Vaginal Davis, we will journey inward through a myriad of rituals and prayers. With guided mediation lead by Bryn McKay and a plant-channeling performance by Melanie Bonajo, we will listen to the voice of nature in connection with the sacred feminine.Casting The Circle and Drawing Down the Moon, a dance ritual evoking the Goddess will be performed by Johanna Constantine and J.Z.araA. We will sing together in a group chant ignited by singers Diane Cluck andYasmine Hamdan, calling to Skeleton Woman, to dance The Dance of Life/Death/Life, embodied by Rebecca Wright with musical accompaniment by water-soul-conjurer Doug Wieselman and cellist Danny Bensi.

The first hour of the program will be an informal ritual of initiation. Through healings of sound, hand washing, and many forms of feathered-smoke blessings we invite you into the subterranean forest. We suggest that everyone bring an object of personal significance to offer to the altar for the casting of spells. Tuning out the outer-world, leaving at the door our fragmented selves and distraught sense of focus, we ask you to be present in the moment: turn off your phones, document the experience with your mind and heart, listen and be here.

TICKETS : $10 in advance, $12 day-of
Tickets and info
22-25 Jackson Ave. at the intersection of 46th Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 784-2084

Vaginal Davis Art in NADA Art Fair in Miami Beach

Adams and Ollman
NADA Art Fair
December 5-8, 2013
Booth 110

Peter Attie Besharo
Emery Blagdon
Felipe Jesus Consalvos
Chris Corales
Vaginal Davis
Sol LeWitt
Justin McCarthy
Philadelphia Wireman
Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
Acharya Vyakul
Bill Walton

The Deauville Beach Resort
6701 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach

Vaginal Davis art in group show "Nu Age Hustle" in Brooklyn

Nu Age Hustle
Organized by Katie Cercone
November 1 - December 1, 2013
Sanford Biggers, Katie Cercone, Lainie Love Dalby, Vaginal Davis Elisa Garcia de la Huerta, Greem Jellyfish, Jacolby Satterwhite, Tobaron Waxman & Saya Woolfalk
Opening reception + performance by Lainie Love Dalby: Friday, November 1, 7-9 pm
"Shak-Tea Party" co-hosted by Go! Push Pops and A Feminist Tea Party: Sunday, November 10, 3-6pm

Momenta Art, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn NY

Vaginal Davis in Liverpool, Friday 8 November 2013

Chew Disco: Vol 12 featuring Ms Vaginal Davis.
Part of Homotopia 10.
18+ ONLY
Liverpool queerpunk party Chew Disco returns for its 12th edition, featuring legendary performance and multimedia artist, filmmaker, musician, and utterly fierce drag-punk icon Ms Vaginal Davis!!! Hailed as "the future of art" by Artforum and likened to a "punk rock RuPaul" by Paper Magazine, Ms Davis is an originator of the queercore DIY punk scene, and a genderqueer art, music and drag-terrorist performance icon. Recently chosen by Antony Hegarty (Antony & the Johnsons) to perform at Meltdown Festival 2012, this is her first performance in Liverpool.

With live performances from London postpunk supergroup Shopping, Galaxians, and more TBA...

Plus new video art, bad adult dancing, and special guest DJs (from Bollox, Raw Like Sissy, and more) playing a mess of electro, hip hop, post punk, alternative, dance anthems and houseparty jams all night long.

Proceeds go to LGBTQ organization "Coming Out" in St Petersburg, Russia.

TRAVELING FROM MANCHESTER??? Arrive in style on the Party Bus!
The Chew Disco Party Bus is designed to let you travel in absolute (discount) luxury to the Wonderland of Liverpool from the Jewel of the North (Manchester).
Conveniently timed to ensure that John Waters ticket holders arrive in time for This Filthy World, and Chew-Only Sisters arrive in time for comfortable strolls, Bold St cruising and pre-loading in/on any of the city's fine pubs/stoops/alleyways.

The Kazimier, 4-5 Wolstenholme Sq, Liverpool L1 4JJ
Friday 8 November, 2013
Doors 9.30pm
Advance Tickets: (£5 ADV/NUS), £15 (ADV ticket PLUS Manchester-Liverpool)

"Lesbi Tropicalia-Tea & Sympathy" in Frankfurt

Vaginal Davis will do a performative intervention "Lesbi Tropicalia-Tea & Sympathy" as part of the Helio Oiticica Exhibit at the Palmengarten at the MMK Museum fur modern Kunst in Frankfurt on Wed Sept 11th 7:15-9:15 pm

Vaginal Davis DJanes at Listen Up Festival, Berlin

Vaginal Davis DJane set Sat Sept 21st from 2am-4am

Vaginal Davis in Vienna July 19

Vaginal Davis will perform Friday July 19 at 19:00 in Vienna, Austria as part of Ephemeropterae 2013 at Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21).
TBA21 Augarten
1020 Wien, Scherzergasse 1A

Living Archive Festival and 50 Years of Arsenal

The Living Archive Festival and 50 Years of Arsenal takes place all of this month of June at Arsenal Inst fur film und video kunst and KW-Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. Vaginal Davis's event RSFS-WMHM closes the Living Archive Festival June 30 Sunday 9:30pm with a screening of On a Clear Day You Can see Forever (1970) directed by Liza's dad Vincente Minnelli, starring Babs Streisand, Yves Montand and Jack Nicholsen.

Vaginal Davis art show in Portland, Oregon

May 3 - June 1, 2013
Installation view
Adams and Ollman
811 East Burnside #213
Portland, Oregon 97214


BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS is dedicated to the legacy of the Black Power Movement in the context of the "Cold" War from a Global South perspective. A co-production of Art Labour Archives and Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH . Berlin, 19-23.05 2013. In cooperation with AfricAvenir and Heinrich Böll Foundation. alannalockward[at]
May 23: 10:30 - 12 pm: Vaginal Davis performance-lecture

Critic's Pick in Artforum

Camp/Anti-Camp Frankfurt

Vaginal Davis is Speaking from the Diaphragm 1&2:

Sa. 01.12.2012 8pm: Booty Politic
tonight the theme of VD is SFTD is Booty Politic. we are recreating the Frankfurt School on stage and I am Horkheimer and Marc Siegel is Adorno
our guests are Zusanne and her Vagina Dentata
downtown NYC legends legend Carmelita Tropicana
Sina from Tehren, Iran
British art shtar Phil Collins
Spanische Scholar Juan Suarez
experimental filmmaker Michael Stadnik
rare Taylor Mead footage
Frankfurt's divine Manuela Mock sharing memories of her friendship with the late great Eartha Kitt
and from cologne the Living Sculpture Group Just Cuz u feel it doesn't mean it's there
Fr. 30.11.2012 7pm: Hate is a Very Exciting Emotion
Guests for Friday:
gorgeous young international art shtar Zac Dempster
Mitternachtskino Frankfurt's Fabian and Sofie
Louise Burkart and her LoveSexxy 16mm Film Apparati
Sina of Cologne
video artists Jaska Klocke and Claudia Sebestyen

Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Waldschmidtstrasse 4., Frankfurt am Main
Phil Colins, Vaginal Davis, das_em, Daniel Hendrickson, Jakob Lena Knebl, Just 'Cause You Feel It, Doesn't Mean It's There, Tan Binh Nguyen, Andrreas Riegler, Susanne Sachsse, Hans Scheirl, Senol Senturk, Marc Siegel, Juan Suarez, Carmelita Tropicana, Unterground Unterwegs, and many surprise guests.
A CHEAP production of Camp/Anti-Camp: A Queer Guide to Everyday Life
co-produced by HAU/Berlin
supported by the Vereinigung von Freunden und Förderern
as well as the Lehrstuhl Für Filmwissenschaft der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
fundeed by Hauptstadrkulturfonds Berlin

Vaginal Davis survives Hurricane Sandy

Vaginal Davis is in New York City and is safe, but obviously would rather be in Berlin.

New Date: Vaginal Davis at NYU

New date: Tuesday November 13, 7 pm "No One Leaves Delilah": A (W)rap on Race
a conversation with Dr. Vaginal Davis
Postponed due to power outage after Sandy. Vaginal Davis, performance artist in conversation with José Muñoz, Performance Studies, New York University.
This event is free and open to the public. Venue is wheelchair accessible.

New opening date: Friday, November 9: Hag Gallery at participant inc. in NYC

Vaginal Davis' first solo visual art exhibition in New York was scheduled to open Nov 4 but due to hurricane Sandy is postponed. New opening date Friday, November 9, 7-9pm. Show originally scheduled to run trough December 16, 2012 at participant inc. gallery, 253 East Houston Street, NY NY 10002
HAG Press Release (pdf)

Ms. Vaginal Davis, LA born and raised doyeanne of drag and outsider arts who has been based in Berlin, Germany since 2006 will recreate her infamous HAG Gallery-small, contemporary, haggard within the confines of the beloved not for profit gallery participant inc. in new york city. Ms. Davis ran HAG Gallery from 1982-1989 at 7850 Sunset Blvd at the Villa Rosa Apartment Building in Hollywood on the Sunset Strip. This is also the location where she created her enfluential Fertile La Toyah Jackson Magazine and its supplement Shrimp, the magazine for licking and sucking bigger and better feet. Some of the artists that Ms. Davis discovered who went on to international careers include art photographer Mari Kono and assemblagist Charles LeDray plus dozens of others whom she nurtured and developed. Hag Gallery at participant inc will include installation, paintings, collage work and for the first time totem sculpture made from bread.
participant inc., 253 East Houston Street New York, NY 10002

Invisible-Exports presents Bloodyminded at The Wye, Berlin

INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is pleased to present Bloodyminded, a group exhibition featuring work by Lucas Ajemian & Julien Bismuth with Black Square Gallery, Awst & Walther, Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE, Vaginal Davis, Rajkamal Kahlon, Jana Leo, Lucas Michael, Clement Price-Thomas, and Mickey Smith.
September 15-30, 2012
The Post Building, Skalitzer 86, Berlin

Tenderloin at Antony's Meltdown Festival

Tenderloin featuring 17 year old lead singer Dagmar Hopfisterei play with Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black Aug 10 at Royal Elizabeth Hall as part of Antony's Meltdown Festival in London during Olympics.
TENDERLOIN is a mutating music, art and action kollektive featuring a revolving cast of calamities. The current line-up is festering in Berlin, Germany, the European capital where youth culture movements never die. Tenderloin features Dagmar Hofpfisterei, the teenage protégé of Vaginal Davis the grande Doyeanne of Outsider Arts and the Homocore music scene. Ms. Hofpfisterei is the femme top out lesbian 17-year-old daughter of infamous junkie/prostitute Christian F. of the Children of the Bahnhof Zoo. Providing able assistance are Joel Gibb of Canadian folk music group the Hidden Cameras, writer/musician Felix Knoke, twisted German noble Landgraf Jan Klesse of the Court of Good Taste and Minister of Disidentification DisInformation Tiffany Middlesex. Their debut album Fellating History: Which Way is Up? will be released at the end of the year on Butch Vig's new Cosima Wagner imprint label.

Radical Cross-Currents in Black Berlin

27 July 2012:
One-day symposium at Humboldt-Universität
Includes at 14:00 "Wir haben kein Zimmer für Auslander": Vaginal Davis, Susanne Sachsse (via Skype), CHEAP & more. Moderated by Tavia Nyong'o.

Communist Bigamist in Switzerland

Communist Bigamist: Two Loves Stories will be in Basel appearing at the Kaserne Theater on June 13 & 14!

a queer guide to everyday life

Gavin Butt, Frederico Coelho, Jayne County, Douglas Crimp, Vaginal Davis, Diedrich Diederichsen, Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, Jakob Lena Knebl/Hans Scheirl, Bruce La Bruce, Elizabeth Lebovici, Heather Love, Taylor Mead(via Skype), Richard Move, Jose Munoz, Narcissister, Nguyen Tan Hoang, Juliane Rebentisch, Rafael RG/Fabiana Faleiros, Liz Rosenfeld/Sam Icklow, Juan Suarez, Tenderloin, Carmelita Tropicana, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black(with Kembra Pfahler) Holly Woodlawn, Zazie de Paris . . .plus Jonathan Berger, John Blue, Daniel Hendrickson, b_books and the Voodoo Chanel Bar

curated by Susanne Sachsse and Marc Siegel
camp/anti-camp program pdf

April 19-21, 2012
Hallesches Ufer 32 Berlin,

also. . .
the film series March 19/23, April 3/9/14/16 Arsenal Inst fuer film und Video Kunst Potsdamer Str 2 Berlin,

Bruce LaBruce & Vaginal Davis
DJ the Queerulanten Floor
of Search and Destroy at Schwuz

Friday March 16th
Schwuz, Mehringdamm 61

Rising Stars, Falling Stars and
camp/anti-camp the queer guide to everyday life festival

Alla Nazimova in Salome(1923) directed by Charles Bryant
with live music by Tim &kJohnny Blue
hosted by Vaginal Davis
after the screening an intimate wine reception in the Rote Foyer
Friday March 23rd 8pm
Arsenal Inst for Film & Video Art
2 Potsdamer Strasse
Sony Filmhaus Basement Kino 2
in Historic Potsdamer Platz

Communist Bigamist in Dusseldorf

Friday Feb 3rd and Saturday Feb 4, 2012
At Forum Freies Theater Duesseldorf
With: Vaginal Davis, Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel, Daniel Hendrickson.
Eine CHEAP Produktion in Koproduktion mit dem HAU und in Kooperation mit dem FFT Düsseldorf. Gefördert aus Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Vaginal Davis in Los Angeles
January 29, 2012


Vaginal Davis
My Pussy Is Still in Los Angeles (I Only Live in Berlin)
Sunday, January 29, 1:00-3:30 pm
Bullocks Wilshire
3050 Wilshire Blvd, 5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Tickets are $50 (Limited edition, handmade artist book signed. High Tea Party with finger foods, pink bubbles...)
Purchase tickets at or by calling (626) 793-1504
Limited Capacity, Reserve Your Ticket Now!

Rising Stars Falling Stars: Kurutta Ippeiji (1926), Thursday 22 December

Performance-Star und Stummfilmexpertin Vaginal Davis präsentiert den Film KURUTTA IPPEIJI (Eine Seite des Wahnsinns, Teinosuke Kinugasa, Japan 1926), ein Produkt der Gruppe shinkankakuha, die versucht hat, naturalistischen Repräsentationsformen entgegenzuwirken. Ein ehemaliger Seemann arbeitet unerkannt in einer Nervenheilanstalt, um bei seiner wahnsinnig gewordenen Frau zu sein. Der Film kulminiert in halluzinatorischen Sequenzen, in denen wir im Inneren der Patienten miterleben, wie sich die reale Welt in Angst und Wahnsinn auflöst. Anschliessend Drinks im Roten Foyer. (22.12., am Klavier:Eunice Martin)
Arsenal Kino 2
Potsdamerplatz, Berlin

Communist Bigamist Opening December 8, 2011 in Berlin.

Additional Performances December 9/10/11
Starring Vaginal Davis as Angela Davis, Susanne Sachsse as Ruth Fischer
with Marc Siegel and Daniel Hendrickson
A CHEAP Production, Coproduction HAU.
Hau 3, Tempelhofer Ufer 10, 10963 Berlin

Barcelona: Vaginal Davis at XPERIMENTA '11: Contemporary Glances at Experimental Cinema

The third iteration of a biennial meeting that brings artists and experts together in Barcelona to debate present-day questions of experimental film. This year.s event is devoted to reflection on the performance aspect of experimental film and video, from the practices of expanded cinema to the deconstructions of social, cultural and sexual actions. 4 to 6 November 2011.

On Saturday 5 November at 6:30pm: Performing Pop I: Performance by Vaginal Davis: 'Memory Island'
5 November 7:30 pm: Performing Pop III: Talk with Carles Congost and Vaginal Davis, moderated by Marc Siegel

XPERIMENTA '11 Website

VD Trashes TM (Vaginal Davis Trashes Tate Modern)

Vaginal Davis at Tate Modern Oct 29th 9pm: yes VD Trashes TM and you thought the riots were bad enough. One day the only thing to eat will be the rich and Ms. Vaginal Davis is one step ahead of that moment of pure cannibalism. Vaginal Davis: Memory Island

October, 2011: Vaginal Davis returns to LA

Vaginal Davis will return to Los Angeles to host a West of Rome Fundraiser October 3, 2011 at historic Union Station.

Berlin, Saturday September 24 2011:
Rising Stars, Falling Stars: Swedish Realness Night: Norrtullsligan

Rising Stars, Falling Stars presents Swedish Realness Night Saturday September 24, 2011 8pm with a rare screening of Norrtullsligan (Webliche Jungesellen/The Norrtull Girl Gang) Directed by Per Lindberg 1923. With live musical accompanyment by the Mighty Blue Bros.-Tim&kJohnny. After the screening join hostess and series curator Vaginal Davis for an intimate angst-y wine reception in the world famous Rote Foyer.
Norrtullsligan 1923 8pm

Kino2 Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Kunst
Potsdamer Str 2, Berlin
Sony Center Filmhaus Kino 2
in historical Potsdamer Platz

An international call for participants for Trashing Performance workshops 2011

Party for Freedom with Oreet Ashery (Sept)
Framing The Freakazoid with Vaginal Davis (Oct/Nov)
Don't miss this opportunity to take part in two exceptional and intensive workshops led by the internationally renowned artists Oreet Ashery and Vaginal Davis. The workshops are taking place within the context of Trashing Performance, the second themed year of Performance Matters.

Application deadline 18 August, 2011

Trashing Performance explores the worth of creative expression which willfully debunks, or ignores, cultural ideals and hierarchies of critical value. Full Trashing Performance public programme and booking details will be announced in August.

Both workshops are aimed at artists working with performance, image making, gender and body politics, action, sound and music.

More information on workshops and application:

DJane Vaginal Davis Friday July 15 in Berlin

DJane Vaginal Davis is spinderella behind the wheels of steel at Search & DestroyQueer Rock Nite at Schwuz club Friday July 15th starts at 11pm at Mehringdamm 61. U7 and U6 UBahn Stations.

Please no requests for Lady Gaga, Madonna or Techno!

After the Butcher at Kunst Werke Museum Berlin in Mitte

02.07.2011 18:00 - Piss Göttin, queer-punk experimentelle Konzert-Performance von und mit Katja von Helldorff, Cristian Forte, Senta Burma (aka: Vaginal Davis), Sophie Heartbreakin' Fatale, Nean Lhok und Lady Gaby

PISS GÖTTIN HAT aNGST VOR uNSICHERHEIT, Konkurrenz und Entfremdung Desweggen pisst sie Piss Göttin -ist stolz, besitzergreifend und markiert ihr Revier wie eine Hundin DESWEGEN PISST SIE Subkutanen Reflektionen über Machtverhältnisse und Entfremdung in der (Kunst)Welt.

World Premiere of Teddy's Beastiary starring Vaginal Davis

Monday June 6th 8:30 pm at bbooks in Kreuzeberg screening of Evie Ruesseler's "Queer Animal Praxis" featuring the world premiere of Teddy's Beastiary starring Vaginal Davis.
b_books, Lübbenerstr. 14, 10997 Berlin

Die Untoten Life Sciences Pulp Fiction

12-14th May 2011 Hamburg
The Undead. Life Sciences & Pulp Fiction
Congress and Mise-en-scéne
12th-14th May 2011, Kampnagel Hamburg
When does a life end? When does it begin? And who determines this? The congress "The Undead. Life Science & Pulp Fiction" is the location of an encounter between various persons and languages which currently define what is still/already alive and what is still/already dead. The zone in-between, an unclear zone of the undead, is the subject of controversial discussion in the life sciences and is being continually extended at a furious pace. The research undertakings of biotechnology, the considerations of medical ethics, the achievements of transplantation medicine and the hesitating help of philosophy will be confronted and charged with the visual worlds of pop culture. Through lectures and talks, presentations and dialogues encounter more than 50 speakers and presenters -- gerontologists, theatre and film scholars, lawyers, philosophers, medical professionals, carers and artists -- one another in the in the mise-en-scéne of a film set: hospital, laboratory, cemetery, -- a tribute to the cinematic figure of the zombie, who appeared on screen without any significant antecedent in literature or art history. At these interfaces the congress shall gather narratives, signs, images and ciphers for an archive of the undead. The congress directed by Hannah Hurtzig takes up a form of mise-en-scéne from the 19th century: the theatrical popularization of scientific knowledge in an age firmly believing in progress, under the motto: "Making scientific knowledge a tangible experience of shock and astonishment".

"When The Curtain Falls" Margarita Broich - Photographs

Vaginal Davis is a subject in this photographic exhibit of performers.
March 18-May 30th
Martin-Gropius Bau Museum

Spill Festival Performance Tarot Exhibition

18-24 April, Barbican Centre, London
Barbican website

Los Angeles, January 22, 2011: dejecta/protecta

A performance by Vaginal Davis
in conjunction with The Artists Museum
Saturday, January 22, 2011, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm and 10 pm
Ahmanson Auditorium
MOCA Grand Ave.
Inspired by Andy Warhol.s screen tests, and the midnight performances of Jack Smith, this expanded cinema piece is a new work created by Vaginal Davis, an originator of the homo-core punk movement and a gender-queer art-music icon. Berlin based, Ms Davis made her name in LA's club performance scene, and has earned herself a similar notoriety as a cultural antagonist and erotic provocateur, renowned for her performance, experimental film and video practice. This original work will be staged at MOCA for one night only and will feature production and costumes design by Jonathan Berger,video by Jean Kim and special guests Wu Ingrid Tsang (Club Wildness)& ZacKary Drucker hosting a Richard Serra Minimalist Feast, Jean Spinosa of Wigout as Lucia Joyce, Dr. Robert Summers with a lecturina on Judy Garland Modalities, Kuntry Cowpoke Mr. Glen Meadmore, Larry-Bob Roberts of Holy Titclamps, sophisticated song stylings by Mark Simon and The Boyfriend, experimental films by Lewis Klahr & Janie Geiser and an endurance movement piece by Julie Tolentino with assist by Pigpen (AKA Stosh Fila) with other sex laden surprises.
For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

The only way I can describe Ms. Davis. latest performance piece dejecta/protecta is to say its a bit of Little House on the Prairie meets The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant as directed by Gregg Araki, featuring choreography by Mummenshantz..
-Jeffrey Hilbert
The New Republic

Vaginal Davis at the Haunted House in Frankfurt

An den Tagen 28., 29. und 30. Oktober öffnet das Geisterhaus ab 20 Uhr seine Türen. This Halloween prepare to feel terrified. This house will not be for the faint of heart. Those who scare easily are advised not to enter.
The Haunted House is open October 28, 29, 30.
The doors to the House open at 20:00 each night Located at Kleine Rittergasse 19-21, Alt-Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt Am Main.
Live shows in the Chapel quarter of the Haunted House: On Thursday, October 28th @ 19:00 Vaginal Davis will come and perform her piece:
Am Donnerstag, 28. Okt. um 19:00 Uhr: Vaginal Davis' Performance:
Sassafras, Cypress & Indigo-Black Screen Images, and the Notion of Freakiness. Like a modern day version of French diarist Euge'nie de Gue'rin Vaginal Davis will reconfigure the artist talk as if she is spiraling over the edge of the world.
On Friday, October 29th @ 21:00 Jean-Louis Costes will come and perform his piece:
Am Freitag, 29.Okt. um 21:00 Uhr: Jean-Louis Costes' Performance:
The Witch, the Cat and the Dead Parents
Since it will be halloween, the performance will be constructed around ghosts of the past haunting a child, including a witch and dead parents... and a cat being the good magician of the story. it will be trash Walt Disney for adults!

On Saturday, October 30th @ 20:00 Bradley Eros has curated for us a special film presentation:
Am Samstag, 30. Okt. um 20:00 Uhr: Filmscreening kuratiert von Bradley Eros
The Nerves of Knowledge We who have violated the laws, commands and duties of the avant-garde; i.e. to bore, tranquilize and obfuscate through a fluke process dictated by practical convenience stand guilty as charged. (Nick Zedd, Cinema of Transgression)

We have also heard, although we are hesitant to speak these things lightly, that a medium from New Orleans is here and is prepared to perform a seance for Ms. Baker.
Presented by the Städelschule
Facebook link

RE:akt!: Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reporting

curated by: Domenico Quaranta
Rotovz Exhibition Salon, Maribor Art Gallery
Trg Leona Stuklja 2, Maribor, Slovenia
21 October -- 19 November 2010

Exhibition opening: 21 October 2010 at 19:00

Featured artists: Lucas Bambozzi, Vaginal Davis, IOCOSE, Irwin, Janez Jansa, Eva and Franco Mattes (aka 0100101110101101.ORG), OHO group, SilentCell Network (Mare Bulc, Janez Jansa, Bojana Kunst, Igor Stromajer)
Includes VD as VB (2007), a series of actions in which Vaginal Davis, the "grande dame" of the queer underground in Los Angeles, dialogues with Vanessa Beecroft's performances.

Vaginal Davis at UCLA in October

Ms. Vaginal Davis quietly slunk out of town in 2006 for Berlin German, never to live in LA or the USA again. Now she's back by popular demand! Vaginal Davis Returns to Los Angeles After a 4 year Absence, Thanks to UCLA!

UCLA Queer Arts Conference
Saturday, October 9, 2010 6:00pm at Royce Hall Room 314. See a rare performative lecture entitled "Sassafras, Cypress & Indigo--Black Screen Images, and the Notion of Freakiness" by the legendary diva and outsider artist extroidinaire. She will change your life!
Visit UCLA LGBT Studies website for more information and to register to see Vaginal Davis' free performance.

". . .I'm Not One to Gossip, So You Didn't Hear It From Me---The Lore & Lure of Archival Modalities"

Friday Aug 27th 4-6pm: Vaginal Davis and Nanna Heidenreich conduct special workshop at Arsenal Inst für Film und Video Kunst Summer Curator's School

what makes an archive? they emerge from dealings with relationships and people, they grow out of passion, obsession, idiosyncrasies, but also coincidences. They consist of stories, loose ends, wild associations, and true encounters. Their ingredients are constantly rearranged, as memories are made up or fail, knowledge is passed on, or forgotten and reinvented. Archives are gossip and gossip is the one true endless archive.

Bio: Petite Fraulein Vaginal Davis, the Hollywood grande dame of intermedia arts & culture has been living in stylish exile in Berlin's famed political Rote Insel neighbourhood for the past four years, where she continues to make fresh enemies with her scandalous web blog "Speaking from the Diaphragm" that boasts over a quarter of a million daily subscribers at Ms. Davis curates the monthly silent film program Rising Stars, Falling Stars at Arsenal, and has also curated for The Los Angeles Film Festival(Outfest), Anthology Film Archive, Sundance, and the traveling endurance art festivals Platinum Oasis and Visions of Excess & the Philosophy of Gifts, Tribute to George Bataille. She has taught at NYU, Cal Arts, Otis Art Institute, Weissensee Art School, Merz Academy, and Malmö Art Academy/Lund University in Malmö Sweden.

"What 80 Million Women Want" on August 25th

Vaginal Davis, Tim & kJohnny Blue and Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim "What 80 Million Items Want -- Archives in Motion" Wednesday August 25, 2010 8pm "From August 25 to 28, the ArsenalCurators Summer School will take place for the second time. Under the title "What 80 Million Items Want -- Archives in Motion," ten events -- workshops, discussions, performances, and screenings -- as well as lecturers from theory and practice will deal with different conceptions of archives, their accessibility and mediation. The workshops are booked out but the opening event is open to the public. We will screen the silent movie WHAT 80 MILLION WOMEN WANT (Will Louis, USA 1913) hosted by Vaginal Davis and a sound collage from archival materials by kJohn and Tim Blue." After the screening a sophisticated wine reception in the Rote Foyer.

Curators Summer School
Arsenal - Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.
Potsdamer Str. 2
10785 Berlin
Tel. 49-30-26955-110
Fax 49-30-26955-111

Bruce LaBruce Retrospective

Vaginal Davis will be appearing at the opening night of the Bruce LaBruce retrospective at Arsenal Berlin on July 15, 2010.
LaBruce at Arsenal

Site Specific Project at Hector Peterson High School

Following is linked the program information for a new piece that Vaginal Davis is collaborating on with young students at The Hector Petersen High School in Berlin through Hebbel Am Ufer Theatre. Friends and family can come to the press performances on Wed June 30, 2010 10 am and 4pm but need to contact as space is limited to small groups in 10 minute intervals. the public views are July 1-4th Thur July 1 and Friday July 2nd 10am and 6pm. Sat July 3 and Sunday July 4th 2pm & 7pm.
More information (PDF)
Der Tagesspiegel article
Berliner Zeitung article

DJing June 18 2010 at Search & Destroy

Bruce La Bruce, Vaginal Davis, and Joel Gibb of the HIdden Cameras DJ Friday 18 June at Search & Destroy Rock Club at Schwuz

Berlin 8 Juni 2010: Performative LECTURE II

Ms. Vaginal Davis "Sassafras, Cypress & Indigo-Black Screen Images, Vaginal Davis and the Notion of Freakiness"

Interflugs Presents.
II UdK Berlin Hardenbergstr.33
on June 8th. At 7:30 room 101

May: Vaginal Davis in New York: Speaking From the Diaphragm

2010 Ethyl Eichelberger Award Winner Vaginal Davis is Speaking From The Diaphagm May 15th-27th at PS 122 in the East Village in Man!hattan. Join Ms. Davis and co-hosts Carmelita Tropicana and Jennifer Miller as they explore issues of failuretics, mayhem, gossip, misegenation and murder in a nightly daytime chat show format with a plethora of stimulating guests that include: Kathleen Hanna and her new Julie Ruin band, Adam Horowitz of the Beastie Boys, Beth Ditto and Gossip, Annie Oakley of the SexWorkersArtShow, JD Samson & MEN, Jamie Stewart and Xiu Xiu, Gio Black Peter, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, Carol Pope, Kembra Pfahler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black,Glen Meadmore,Bruce Benderson, Samuel Delaney,Glenn Belverio, Jose Munoz, Jennifer Doyle,Billy Miller of STH,Justin Bond, Nao Bustamante, Rick Owens & Michele Lamy, Pierrot,Black Eyed Susan, Agosto Machado, Joanie Moossyy,Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens, Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny, John Heys, Ela Troyano and Uzi Parnes, Lucy Sexton & Annie Lobst, Jackie Raynal, Michel Auder, Joey Jeffreys,Bruce La Bruce, Dynasty Handbag,Bibbe Hansen, Sean Carrillo, Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore, Claudia Gonson of the Magnetic Fields -- plus supermodel Jenny Shimizu, Mickey Boardman the style editor of Paper Magazine and Adam Greene of the Mouldy Peaches -- & special surprises. Artistic Director for the Ethyl Eichelberger Commission prize performance is the Divine Anne Sexton.

April Rising Stars, Falling Stars in Berlin

Vaginal Davis Presents, Rising Stars, Falling Stars
A monthly utopian performative silent film event for the discerning filmgoer

Vaginal Davis in New York March 22 at PS 122

Art In America review of Semiospectable
This verbal varieté strategizes the explicitly semiotic spectacle in a multimedia showcase of live art representing an encounter between academic lecture hall, poet.s theater, and house. Its players cut across the disciplinary boundaries of scholarship, pedagogy, cabaret, poetics, and performance in an investigation of linguistic mechanisms of spectacular identity formation. Linguistic illusionists expose the parlor trick of transparent speech, conjuring floating signifiers that levitate forty-four feet above the floor. Costumes sewn from three million majuscules burst at the semes. The auditorium oscillates between reading room and performatorium. The linguistic turn transmogrifies into a shimmy. Curated by Mashinka Firunts.
MEDIA CO-SPONSOR: UGLY DUCKLING PRESSE PERFORMANCES BY: Vaginal Davis | Lord Whimsy | Dr. Lucky | Jeremy J F Thompson | Paolo Javier | Daniel Scott Snelson | Shonni Enelow
STENO POOL - AN INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCE Featuring: Leesa Abahuni | Nicole Abahuni | Jen Zak | Matt Jones | Kristen Rhea van Liew | Fyodor Pavlov | Lawrence Gullo | Kyle Hittmeier | Lindsay Comstock
MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT BY: Grandpa Musselman & His Syncopators
MARCH 22ND, FREE (but must reserve a ticket)
Performance Space 122
150 First Avenue (at 9th Street)
Doors Open at 7:30, Staged Performance Commences at 8PM
Reception To Follow

The Bad Breast in Vienna

Brut Theater 16/17/18/19 Dez

Vaginal Davis in The Bad Breast, written & directed by Bruce LaBruce

The Bad Breast, written and directed by Bruce LaBruce. Stage design by Marc Brandenburg. Original music and sound design by Planningtorock. with: with Vaginal Davis, Alejandro Durán, Michael Giardina, Katharina Klewinghaus, Nando Messias, Robin Poitras, Susanne Sachsse, Lisa Schmidt and Laurie Young

PREMIERE: 10 DECEMBER 2009 / 20.00 H / HAU 2
ALSO 11 UNTIL 13 DECEMBER 2009 / 20.00 H / HAU 2
HAU 2/ Hallesches Ufer 32/ 10963 Berlin/ tickets 030-25900427
Party after the Premiere at WAU
Postkarte (pdf)
The Bad Breast has emerged from my long-standing desire to create a Female Melodrama, a genre that all my favourite gay film directors - from George Cukor to George Kuchar - have worked in. As a graduate student at university I took a course called Psychoanalysis and Feminism, so I have long been familiar with the work of such post-Freudian practitioners as Anna Freud and Melanie Klein. (It's beyond significant - and dare I say highly "Freudian" - that the two major psychoanalysts who ended up carrying on a relatively orthodox tradition of Freudian psychoanalysis were both female.) Klein's theory of "object relations" always intrigued me in its feminist reconceptualization of Freud's more phallocentric symbolism, positing, as it does, the breast, as opposed to the penis, as the primary infantile object whose presence or lack influences the psychosexual development of the child. (I don't even want to get into the fact here that I was a bottle-fed baby, and its implications in my own childhood development, although I'm sure it will significantly inform the development of The Bad Breast!). As a student of cinema in university I was also strongly influenced by repeated viewings of Ingmar Bergman's Persona, a highly Freudian interpretation of the relationship between two intense and dramatic women. The Bad Breast takes these influences as its starting point, a heady mixture of psychoanalytic theory, feminism, classic European art film, and Hollywood melodrama!
Bruce LaBruce
Toronto, 2009

Vaginal Davis in FEEL LESS! COOLING DOWN PASSION || Mobile Academy || 3-5 Dec, Berlin

On the Scene of Intimacy. A Phantasmagoria. With a Silhouette Film, the Excellence Cluster "Languages of Emotion" of the Free University Berlin, Charismatic Counseling and several oxytocinists.
Based on the true story by Susanne Sachsse and Marc Siegel of Berliin's CHEAP kollective and friends (1999 - 2009). Recorded by Hannah Hurtzig.
Chapter 10: Susanne & Zazie
Chapter 14: Stephan & Nico
Chapter 18: Jennifer & Susanne
Thu, 3rd - Sat, 5th of December 2009
From 7pm - 11pm, continuous entry
HAU 1, Stresemannstr. 29, Berlin
A project of Mobile Academy at HAU and the Excellence Cluster "Languages of Emotion", Free University, Berlin. Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

Plattenspieler at HAU Zwei

Saturday/Samstag 28 November 8pm HAU Zwei Plattenspieler with Novelist Thomas Meinecke and special guest Vaginal Davis. Plattenspieler is where you play some records and talk about them. It is something very German, the closet thing we have to this is going on National Public Radio.

Rising Stars, Falling Stars 2 year anniversary

With a screening of Prix de Beaute starring Louise Brooks directed by Augusto Genina 1929 musical accompaniment by Eunice Martin Join hostess Vaginal Davis in the Rote Foyer after the screening for drinkin,flirten, cruisen, und sexen Sunday November 29th 9:30pm Arsenal Institut für film und videokunst 2 Potsdamer Str Sony Ctr Kino 2 at Historic Potsdamer Platz


That tiny little lady of outsider art Vaginal Davis returns to Manhattan and the USA after an absence of over two years. Everyones favorite woman in exile will participate in the group show Nothing Up My Sleeve curated by gorgeous beauty boy, the first child of high art Jonathan Berger. Nothing Up My Sleeve is based on the work of the widely unknown, yet highly influential artist Stuart Sherman. Sherman was an early member of both the Charles Ludlam and Richard Foreman theater companies. Nothing Up My Sleeeve focuses on the notion of artists using various forms of deception and illusion. The artists included in the exhibition span a 150 year period, representing a diverse range of practices and relationships to art and culture. The exhibition will take place at PARTICIPANT INC in Nov-December, 2009. The exhibit will include documentation of multiple "spectacle" performances by Stuart Sherman as well as surviving objects from the performances of legends Harry Houdini and comedian Andy Kaufman plus performances and work from M.I.A., James Lee Byars, Carol Bove, Matthew Brannon, Superstudio, SITE Projects, Nancy Barton and Mrs. Michael Glass with Allison Somers and Eric Van Speights, Katarina Burin with Eileen Gray, KIOSK/Alisa Grifo and Marco Romeny, Albert Cullum, Little Switzerland, Stefanie Victor, Jeff Weiss/Hot Keys and director Robert Downey Sr.

Vaginal Davis will present an original performative lecture/oratorio at NYU Monday, November 9.

Also, don't miss the stellar reunion performance by Pedro, Muriel & Esther [PME] featuring original members Glen Meadmore, Dean "the babe" Opseth, Big Dique Sneaky Pete and Vaginal Davis-Yowza! Vaginal Davis w/ P.M.E. and guests and Tony Clifton & The Katrina Kiss My Ass Orchestra, plus DJ sets by Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers, Kathleen Hanna of Le Tigre, and Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) of the Beastie Boys. Monday, Nov 16, 2009 8:00 PM EST at Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St, Manhattan, NY 10013. Tickets for PME

Vaginal Davis DJane / VJane Oct 16 Phoenix Radio : Politik queer-feministischer Räume

Vernissage: Freitag, den 16.10.09, Beginn 19.00 UHR Projektraum 1, Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin. Mit love sexy D- und Vjane Vaginal Davis, Prinzessin von Hohenzollern. Künstl_erinnen: Finn K. Buchwald, Sarah Harro, Jenny Hauke, Kerstin Honeit, Kaj Osteroth und Lydia Hamann. *Phoenix Radio ist ein Piratinnensender. Das Programm: neue queer-feministische Utopien. Der Titel der Ausstellung "Phoenix Radio" bezieht sich auf Lizzie Bordens radikalfeministische Utopie "Born in Flames" (USA, 1983), in der sich Frauen im Untergrund militant organisieren, um die Revolution für eine gerechtere Welt zu erkämpfen.
Phoenix Radio Myspace

Vaginal Davis premiere Oct 30th at HAU 1 "Memory Island"

This new film and performance are part of Live Film!Jack Smith! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World Festival Oct 28-Nov 1st.

Vaginal Davis Präsentiert: Rising Stars, Falling Stars

Vaginal Davis presents Rising Stars, Falling Stars, with a special Rusky salute to Sergij Eisenstein and his classic silent Statschka (Streik). Live music by the Blue Bros. Tim & kJohnny. Wine reception after the screening in the Rote Foyer. Sunday September 13, 2009 9pm Kino 2 at Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst 2 Potsdamer Strasse at the Sony Center Filmhaus in historic Potsdamer Platz.

Five Flaming Days in a Rented World

New Films and Performances - Over 50 International Guests - Superstar Mario Montez Live!

From October 28- November 1 2009 Arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art and Hebbel-am-Ufer (HAU) Theater present "LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World", a monumental event that brings together over fifty international artists and scholars to pay homage to the pioneering American underground artist and queer icon Jack Smith twenty years after his death from AIDS.

Through performances, film and video screenings, installations, concerts, lectures and discussions, LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! not only offers a variety of perspectives on the gender and genre bending work of Smith, Andy Warhol and fellow .60s avant-gardists, but also situates this work in dialogue with that of a diverse group of international contemporary artists.

LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! participants were invited to Berlin in March 2009 for private screenings of the restored copies of Smith's films that were placed in the Arsenal film archive by film restorer Jerry Tartaglia of the Plaster Foundation, the organization founded by performance artist Penny Arcade and critic/scholar Jim Hoberman to save and archive Smith's work after his death. Following extensive discussions about Smith's work and the context of its production, participants have had almost six months to prepare new work for the public festival.

Special festival guest is the legendary underground Superstar Mario Montez who will be making his first live appearance in over thirty years! With a special star-studded production of Warhol screenwriter Ronald Tavel's play "The Life of Juanita Castro", LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! will also pay homage to Tavel, who was Smith and Montez's close collaborator and who died unexpectedly after the March screening weekend.

Participants include: Bini Adamczak, Callie Angell, Penny Arcade, Tim Blue, Nao Bustamante, Christoph Chemin, Eric D. Clark, Tony Conrad, Beatrice Cordua, Douglas Crimp, Martin Dannecker, Vaginal Davis, Diedrich Diederichsen, Jennifer Doyle, Rainald Goetz, Ulrich Gooss, Karola Gramann, Chloe Griffin, Herbert Gschwind, Birgit Hein, Wilhelm Hein, John Edward Heys, Werner Hirsch, Jim Hoberman, Oliver Husain, Ken Jacobs (live Skype appearance), Dominic Johnson, Kinky Justice, Andrew Kerton, Sean Michael Kirk, Jakob Lena Knebl, Michael Krebber, Deirdre Logue, Renate Lorenz, Marie Losier, Guy Maddin, Thomas Meinecke, José Muñoz, Ulrike Ottinger, Uzi Parnes, Phantom/Ghost, Gwenäel Rattke, Juliane Rebentisch, Evelyn Rüsseler, Hans Scheirl, Heide Schlüpmann, Isabell Spengler, Tim Stüttgen, Juan Suárez, Jerry Tartaglia, Amy Taubin, Chris Tedjasukmana, José Teunissen, Ela Troyano, Gordon W. and Klaus Walter.

Curated by Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel, and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus. "LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World" is a co-production by Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art and Hebbel-am-Ufer (HAU) Theater, funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.

Vaginal Davis in Daddy

Daddy is a play written by Travis Jeppesen, directed by Ron Athey.
Click on image for larger flyer.
Info and tickets at HAU3 (Deutsch) (English)

Vaginal Davis in Naples

Vaginal Davis will perform on June 6th, 2009 in Naples at the Museo Madre Contemporary Art Museum of Donna Regina in The History of Ecstasy with Ron Athey, Ernesto Tomasini, Julie Tolentino and Pig-Pen.

"Smell it!: Friendship as a form of living, production and action" in Vienna

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends and colleagues, we are very pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Smell it! Friendship as a form of living, production and action on May 27, 2009

Smell it!: Friendship as a form of living, production and action
Exhibition: May 28 - June 27, 2009
Opening: May 27, 2009 at 7 pm

Artists: CHEAP / Vaginal Davis, Katrina Daschner, Hubert Fichte / Lil Picard, Marina Grzinic / Aina Smid, William E. Jones, G.B. Jones, Bruce LaBruce / Candy Parker, Marie Losier, Paolo Mezzacapo de Cenzo, Karol Radziszewski, Deborah Schamoni, Isabell Spengler, Dasen Stambuk, Jaan Toomik / Jaan Paavle / Risto Laius, Joyce Wieland / Hollis Frampton. Curation and Organization: Dietmar Schwärzler, Exhibition Architecture: Robert Vörös

Friendships are not only one of the most important forms of social coexistence in every single biography; they also represent an essential requirement in the art world for cooperations as well as work and production conditions. But friendships also manifest as a way of life or as a part of subcultural community forms. Michael Foucault once said (as example) that the threat of homosexuality is not the sex one has with another rather the lifestyle one creates with another: friendships and networks. The exhibition Smell it! primarily presents artistic works that generate queer references or address the queer context within an open dialogue. Following the theme, productions from post-socialist countries will also be integrated, where reactionary and homophobic forces currently have a direct impact, and no sustained, visible queer tradition in artistic production exists.

The exhibition takes place in cooperation with the Polish Cultural Institute.

A magazine accompanying the exhibition will be published! Interviews with Katrina Daschner / Dorit Margreiter, William E. Jones, Rosa von Praunheim, Joao Pedro Vale / Nuno Alexandre Ferreira / Pedro Campos Rodrigues.

Contributions by: Jan-Frederik Bandel, Christa Benzer, Victor Brand, Vaginal Davis, ____fabrics interseason, Martin Frey, Sylvia Gruber, Marina Grzinic, G.B. Jones, Mario Kozina, Bruce LaBruce, Pawel Leszkowicz, Boyd McDonald, Ulrike Müller / Dean Spade, Carola Platzek, Karol Radziszewski (DIK Fagazine featuring Fag Fighters), Hans Scheirl in cooperation with house of the very island, Dietmar Schwärzler, Stefanie Seibold.

Freundschaft als Lebens-, Produktions- und Aktionsform
28.05.2009 bis 27.06.2009
13:00 - 18:00 Di bis Fr
11:00 - 14:00 Sa
Kunsthalle Exnergasse
WUK, Währinger Strasse 59, 1090 Wien

Vaginal Davis Präsentiert: Rising Stars, Falling Stars

Can't wait to see you at our Nell Shipman salute at Rising Stars, Falling Stars Saturday May 23rd 9:00pm at the Kino Arsenal intimate theater 2, where we will be screening Back To God's Country (1919), the hit film sequel by the outspoken Canadian feminist, and early cinema pioneer Ms. Nell Shipman. Accompanying the film live on klavier Ms. Eunice Martin. After the screening join earthmother hostess Vaginal Davis in the infamous Rote Foyer for a sophisticated wine reception.

Seen last month at our Charlie Chaplin tribute: Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, raw foods celebrity chef Boris Lauser with his visiting San Francisco posse, young sexy filmmaker Tilemachos Alexios Alexiou with super hot lover Assaf Hochman, translator to the stars Daniel "Haji" Hendrickson,dapper composer and music theorist Volker Straebel, Maerz Music Festival Director Mattias Osterwold, gorgeous cineaste Julian Schubert, Gabriele Knapstein curator at Hamburger Bahnof Museum, vivacious ballerina Trixie Cordua, film scholar Christian "F" Weber, academe Vincent Hediger, Christian Siekmieir of Exile Gallery with Japanese New York based artist Kazuko Mijamoto, curator Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Tim &kJohnny Blue, LA fashion designer Cornel Collins, artist Bertand Bodenave, Alannah Weston, the creative director of Selfridges, male ingenue Jake Myerson, British provacateuse Isabela Blow with writer Hamish Bowles, art star Elias Hassos and Julia-Restoin Roitfeld.

Vaginal Davis Presents Rising Stars, Falling Stars a monthly Utopian oasis for the descriminating filmgoer. Saturday May 23, 2009 9:00pm Back To God's Country 1919 A Nell Shipman Tribute. Live music by Eunice Martin. Arsenal Institute Für Film und Videokunst 2 Potsdamer Str at Filmhaus Sony Center

Vaginal Davis wins 2009 Ethyl Eichelberger Award

The Ethyl Eichelberger Award is a commissioning award created by Performance Space 122 in 2005 and made possible with the generous support of the Gesso Foundation. The Ethyl Eichelberger Award is given to an artist or group that exemplifies Ethyl's larger-than-life style and generosity of spirit; who embodies Ethyl's multi-talented artistic virtuosity, bridging worlds and vitalizing those around them. Recipients include Taylor Mac (2005), Julie Atlas Muz (2006), Justin Bond (2007) and Jennifer Miller (2008).

Vaginal Davis performs with Johanna Fateman and JD Sampson of Le Tigre

Vaginal Davis performs as part of Girl Monster at the Kampnagel in Hamburg, Germany on Wed April 22nd. The event is curated by Chicks on Speed and features Johanna Fateman and JD Sampson of Le Tigre´s new dance project Men(ex-Le Tigre) featuring LTTR. Vaginal Davis will perform her peice "Advanced Capitalism Interspecies HooDoo".

More information here.


Vintage Vaginal Davis

Vaginal Davis performs in film version of Ibsen´s The Doll House circa 1980.

Act 1, Scene 2

Act 1, Scene 4


Vaginal Davis presents a performative lecture "Flesh for LuLu: Taking the High Road to Sexual Failure"

Saturday Feb 14, 2009 7:30-9pm Vaginal Davis presents a performative lecture, "Flesh for LuLu: Taking the High Road to Sexual Failure" as part of the Economies of Failure series at Arco 09 Madrid-Feria. Internacional De Arte Contemporaneo part of the 7th International Contemporary Art Expertos Forum. More info here.


Vaginal Davis returns to the Berlinale for the third year.

Feb 11, 2009 12 noon 59th Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin/Forum Expanded
Vaginal Davis returns to the Berlinale for the third year in a row this time presenting performative short format piece "Berlin Babylonia Gorgon - Babbling on with Gossip, Song and Dance". More information here.


Vaginal Davis presents a performative lecture "Fornication No! Theocracy Yes! Conjuring Voice in the Spirit"

Tuesday Jan 27th 22 uhr as part of the Vocal Ecstasy series of the Politics of Ecstasy Festival at HAU 2 Hallesches Ufer 32 10963. More information here.


Tim & kJohnny Blue guest star in Wilhelm Hein's You Killed The Underground Film or the Real Meaning of Kunst Bleibt.

Sunday Jan 25th 19 uhr Vaginal Davis. This will be the Expanded Cinema Version at KW Institute for Contemporary Art Augustrasse 69 10177. More information here.


Patrons of the Arts, Atendez-vous!

Yes, the economy may be in the toilet, but we still need to look after the stars.

Your donation will help to keep Vaginal Davis making the art which she so freely shares with the world.

Vaginal Davis at Chantals House of Shame

Vaginal Davis is performing a few songs at this long running Berlin nite spot January 15 Thur Chantals House of Shame@ Bassy Club Schönhauser Allee 176 10119, Berlin in the cellar of the Pfefferberg accompanied by kJohnny Blue of Cheap on Cello. Show starts at 1am.

Vaginal Davis at Search and Destroy: Queer Noises

2009 Tour: Vaginal Davis' VDas VB and the Madonna of Laibachdorf

Vaginal Davis' VDas VB and the Madonna of Laibachdorf are part of RE:akt! | reconstruction, re-enactment, re-reporting a traveling show that confronts current ideological and intellectual canons, power structures, policies, and distribution channels by re-enacting selected historical and culturally-relevant events.


MNAC - National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest
January 22 - March 13, 2009

ŠKUC gallery, Ljubljana March 25 - April 17, 2009

MMSU - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka
May 22 - June 21, 2009

Curator: Domenico Quaranta

Trailer for New Vaginal Davis Film Series

Her new cinematic series introduces the 16 year old art prodigy DeRohan Chabot. DeRohan Chabot is the new Rimbaud, a teenage genius who is shattering the art world.

Vaginal Davis makes rare appearance in Prince
Harryland, London-England Aug 2-5th

Ms. Davis will officiate the pink mass for gorgeous Stuart Comer of the
Tate Modern
Sat Aug 2nd 9pm at Bistroteque, then the next day Sunday Aug 3rd
starting at 5pm will DJ, perform, and host the Butt Magazine Salty Dog
Beer Bust
finally on Tuesday Aug 5th her residency at Bistroteque
concludes with a magically alchemic evening called, Vaginal Davis is
looking for the perfect Ginger Concubine, which will feature a rare
selection of her electronic cinema ouvre, special treats and delusional
voidoid vortexing.


Vaginal Davis Presents Hans Richter shorts

at Rising Stars, Falling Stars

An atmosphere unlike any other this Saturday is another exciting installment of the most talked about monthly event in Berlin, “Rising Stars, Falling Stars,” which celebrates experimental films, the silent era, and early cinema treasures in a whimsical performative environment.

Seen at last month's tribute to Mabel Normand were internationally renowned independent curator Nicholas Weist (The Dulcet Clime of the Bed Chamber), well endowed German artist Christian Siekmeier, who has returned to Berlin after 11 years spent in New York, lovesexy experimental film darling Wilhelm Hein with his brilliant art photog girlfriend Annette Frick, gorgeous British live artist Keira O`Reilly, movie ingenue Brady Corbet, author Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre, vivacious actresses Alexandra Maria Lara and Susanna Sachße and the grande dame des deutschen Schauspiels Senta Berger. You never know who you´ll see at Rising Stars, the only event in Berlin that mixes people from divergent scenes.

This Saturday Vaginal Davis presents an homage to the great Hans Richter with a specially crafted selection of his short subjects. With daring musical accompaniment by New York composer Kjohnny Blue. After the screening join hostess Vaginal Davis & her cosmopolitan guests in the Roter Foyer for a wine reception.

A Hans Richter shorts program with musical accompaniment from kJohnny Blue.

10pm with wine reception after the screening.
Kino Arsenal The Filmhaus at
Potsdamer Platz Sony Center
Potsdamer Str 2
Saturday July 26th

Arsenal web

Vaginal Davis and Tim Blue of Cheap
with the beautiful and amazing youth of Berlin
Sunday June 22nd 5pm at HAU I

The Arrogance of Youth

. . .And if they are not, they should be. They are everything;
at the height of their physical strength and beauty, creative, eager
to participate and change a world that should belong to them. At the
threshold of adulthood, their enthusiasm and concern is what this world
torn with war, disease and violence needs the most. It is time to take
what only belongs to them.

Coming out of workshops with Vaginal Davis and Tim Blue of art
kollective Cheap, an army of 100 youth, shod in gold and raiment, from
all over Berlin will attack the senses in a showcase of love, humor,
beauty and power.


Hallesches Ufer 32
10963 Berlin
fon +49 30 259 004 76
fax +49 30 259 004 49

Vaginal Davis presents "Tillie's Punctured Romance " at Rising Stars, Falling Stars

Tillie's Punctured Romance starring cinemas first big comedy star Mabel Normand
9:30 with wine reception after the screening.
Kino Arsenal The Filmhaus at
Potsdamer Platz Sony Center
Potsdamer Str 2
7 June 2008

Arsenal Web


Tillie's Punctured Romance starring cinemas first big comedy star Mabel Normand

Happening at the Halla

Vaginal Davis and her sexy Wei&slig;ensee art students will present a one time akshunist event - Happening at the Halla ---"You'll Know What To Do" this Friday May 23rd 8pm at the Raumerweiterungshalle, Berlin-Neukölln at the former Kindl-Brewery Werbellinstr 50 U8 Boddingstr. FREE

Vaginal Davis in wealthy southern Germany!
Sugar daddies beware!

The great insane professor Vaginal Davis
will be conducting a performance workshop
with the students of Merz Akademie
Art and Design University in Stuttgard
from May 26-May 30th


Vaginal Davis presents "The Perils of Pauline" at Rising Stars, Falling Stars in the intimate Kino 2 space

The Perils of Pauline, 1913-14 starring Pearl White
directed by Donald Mackenzie
live music by the Blue Bros. Tim and kJohnny
after the screening join Ms. Davis in the famous Rote Foyer for a reception
drinken,flirten, kissen and sexen
Kino Arsenal The Filmhaus at
Potsdamer Platz Sony Center
Potsdamer Str 2
24 May 2008
Arsenal web


Vaginal Davis and kollective Cheap will open for Kill Rock Stars "The New Bloods".

Accompanied by kJohnny Blue on cello, Vaginal Davis and kollective Cheap
will open for Kill Rock Stars recording artists from Portland, Oregon
"The New Bloods" at West Germany skalitzer str. 133 10999 Berlin
22 May 2008
doors open at 9pm Vaginal Davis and Kjohnny go on at 10pm and the new bloods
at 11pm $4.00 cover


Vaginal Davis teaches workshop with the art students of Wiesensee- open to the general community as well.

For all of you Francophiles

Vaginal Davis will be in gorgeous Paris, France making a rare appearance on Gallic shores at the prestigious La Palais de Tokyo Museum on April 9, 2008 where she will give the performative interactive lecture "Porno Adorno-F*ck Like the F*cking Blacks"
for more information go to

Vaginal Davis returns to the states for the first time in over a year

Vaginal Davis returns to the states for the first time in over a year with her "Present Penicative" Installation that is part of the group show The Way That We Rhyme-Women, Art, Politics March 29-June, 2008 at Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, the show will also include special performative events. More information on the show here.

Vaginal Davis with kollective Cheap back by popular demand

The Cheap Gossip Studio Installation will be included as part of Forum Expanded at the Berlinale Film Festival 2008 from Feb 7-17th. This year we will be giving out Cheapy Awards to the most accomplished people in the Outsider Arts Movement

Cheap Blacky in Art Forum

Vaginal Davis quoted in Art Forum. And check out her performance from the show on Youtube!

Vaginal Davis at Peres Projects Gallery in Berlin

Saturday Sept 29th at 7 pm, Ms. Davis will perform as part of the Bruce la Bruce/Terence Koh installation at Peres Projects Gallery in Berlin.

Vaginal Davis DJs at "FM Queer: A Big Night Out" in Vienna Austria

FM Queer in Vienna Austria on October 20th. Also on the bill is jean genet, lesbians on ecstacy and TNT Jackson. For more information see the FM Queer website.

Rising Stars, Falling Stars mit Vaginal Davis at Kino Arsenal

Sonntag, 21.10.2007, 21:00

Ein performativer Abriss von Stummfilme, early talkies, dem Avantgarde und jenseits from Baghdad to Tinseltown mit special guest hostess globale Dragartiste Vaginal Davis of Hollywood.

Join Fräulein Davis und andere Frühfilmfanatiker für einen intimen Abend saluting the luminous Louise Brooks and her director, G.W. Pabst, with a screening of the Berlin Klassiker Die Buchse der Pandora. Nach der Vorführung folgt a Weimar-style Empfang, where Freunde der deutschen Kinemathek prizes will be awarded für die beste Lulu- und Franz Wedekind Doppelgänger.

A performative survey of silent films, early talkies, the avant-garde and beyond from Baghdad to Tinseltown, with special guest hostess global drag artiste Vaginal Davis of Hollywood.

Join Fräulein Davis and other early cinema fanatics for an intimate evening saluting the luminous Louise Brooks and her director, G.W. Pabst, with a screening of the Berlin classic Die Buchse der Pandora. The screening will be followed by a Weimar-style reception, where Freunde der deutschen Kinemathek prizes will be awarded for the best Lulus and Franz Wedekind Doppelgängers.

The lady DJs opening party for 2nd Int'l Porn Film Festival in Berlin

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2007
DJ/VJ Vaginal Davis
Join global Dragkünstlerin/DJane Vaginal Davis, Prinzessin von Ho!henzollern from Hollywood, for a sultry evening of sensual diphtheria visuals from her award-winning trespass cinema arsenal of schwarze gonzo porn. Bring someone you've leased, rented, or bought to watch this crazy sexual maniac behind the wheels of steel as she spins freestyle classix, indie punque slop, and rock dance puddy.


Cheap Projects in Germany, resumes in November 2007

Don't forget to check out Cheap Project's strangely successful efforts at corrupting German children at the Theater an der Parkaue: CHEAPs DR.SEUSS's ABC and CHEAPs MAX AND MORITZ, starring VAGINAL DAVIS (with brand new surprise ending for the new season!!!) and of course SUSANNE SACHSSEs STOFFEL FLIEGT ÜBERS MEER. All three productions are in repertoire this season at the Parkaue. info:

Max & Moritz with Cheap Kollective features Vaginal Davis as Witwe Bolte. The famous Beavis & Butthead of German fairytales have been transplanted to a cholita-style girl gang with one boy as the girls' bitch.

Max und Moritz: conceived by cheap with Vaginal Davis, starring the amazing, legendary German actors Frau Elvira Schuster as Bäckerin and Herr Dieter Korthals as Bauer with Corinna Mühle, Katrin Heinrich, Elisabeth I.M. Heckel, Sofie Hüsler and Denis Pöpping as the notorious street gang The M&M's featuring Mathias Biele as Müller, Peter Priegann as Onkel Fritz and Frauline Vaginal Davis as Witwe Bolte.

The premiera was april 19th. Performances resume in November-- For more information, see the website of Theater an der Parkaue.


Cheap, Blacky this November

Premiering in November: Cheap with Vaginal Davis will have a new stage production at HAU 2 Berlin of Cheap, Blacky. This drama of malfunctional family values features Vaginal Davis as the mother of the title character. Bruce La Bruce directs with costumes by couturier Rick Owens and if that isn't enough, and it isn't, Susanne Sachße (Raspberry Reich) will appear as a saloon singer. This is going to be ill. In the spring this production will travel to Graz, Zurich, Hamburg and Liverpool just to name a few cities who want to get in on the zanyness. Check out Bruce La Bruce's statement.

Vaginal Davis now based in Berlin, Germany

Vaginal Davis has left Los Angeles for good. She wasn't appreciated enough and now is based in Berlin, Germany to better be available for art appearances throughout the European continent. To book Vaginal Davis for a performance or for other information, contact Gleeson Breevard at Gleebrevard{AT}

Vaginal Davis in Slovenia

Vaginal Davis went to Slovenia to do another version of her infamous VD as VB parody of Vanessa Beecroft. This time it's called VD as VB Erdgeist (Earth Spirit) # 27-29 10827. The performance on June 21st, 2007 was at Kapelica Gallery, produced by Aksioma Institute of Contemporary Art as part of the City of Women Festival, Association for the Promotion of Women in Culture, which also gave important assistance in finding the beautiful living sculptures.

A video of the VD as VB performance can be viewed here:

On the Aksioma web site are photos from the piece, plus a VD as VB photo shoot called The Madonna of Laibachdorf.

Vaginal Davis visits Montreal, Québec.

Friday March 16th, 2007:
5 pm: Queer Horizons Lecture by Professor José Esteban Muñoz AND... Beware of the Holy Whore, A performative presentation by Vaginal Davis. McGill University (855 Sherbrooke W) Leacock 132 (this event is wheelchair accessible)

Saturday March 17th, 2007:
Gays of Our Lives Opening at articule Gallery (262 Fairmount O).
*queer shorts program
*Performance and Video screening by Vaginal Davis
*Informal discussion about queer video and performance moderated by Vaginal Davis and Jose E Munoz
Presented by articule Special Projects and La Centrale Powerhouse Gallery
(this space is wheelchair accessible)

Saturday March 17th,11pm: After Party at Le Studio (2111 Saint-Laurent Boulevard)
Hosted by Vaginal Davis
With DJ Will Munro and the Asspirates
Performances by Mikiki, Donzelle and more. $5 (no one turned away) (this event is wheelchair accessible)

March 21th to March 25th: Gays of Our Lives Installation. La Centrale Powerhouse Gallery (4296 Blv. St. Laurent)

Vaginal Davis and Cheap installation and film screenning at Berlinale 2007

Cinema Beyond its Boundaries: For the second time, Forum expanded presents video art, experimental and underground films. The heart of Forum expanded this year is the "Gossip Studio" in the Atrium of the Filmhaus, an underground parlor for the creation and circulation of gossip with its cocktail bar and beauty moments -- designed and presented by the artists group CHEAP (Marc Siegel, Susanne Sachsse, Daniel Hendrickson, and Tim Blue) and Vaginal Davis.

Screening will be films that Vaginal Davis filmed in berlin le petite tokinoise and granpa sam part of the gossip studio, cheap rumourville

The opening of Gossip Studio is on Friday 9th of February at 16:00 at Arsenal 1. It runs from the 10th of February through the 18th of February at the Filmhaus Atrium with Works by Vaginal Davis, Birgit Hein, Sam Siegel and Danny Williams, presented by Cheap with Vaginal Davis, plus for the same dates the Forum expanded Rooftop Garden with Films by Vaginal Davis, Marie Losier and Shannon Plumb at Filmhaus Blackbox. More information on the press release and

New Year's Eve/Silvester Art Party with Cheap & Vaginal Davis in Berlin

After last year's chaotic success, CHEAP + holy retarded whore Vaginal Davis transformed HAU 2 into a horror theme park at New Year's RUTH FISCHER's MONSTERLAND: Hideous creatures big and small from Bagdad to Hollywood. Lick and chew on the giant black racehorse arse of hostess with the mostess on her hairy eyeballs, Vaginal Davis. Plus the Whoracle et Delphi, and other misfortune tellers, pinheads, humpy dorks, trolls, happy hookers, snaggle tooth hustlers, crosseyed cheesesticks, grizzly half-naked communists and refined thrill rides for the descerning! Unexpected film and video projections by Wilhelm Hein, carnel casting couch by director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, PopPunque Pulsations from the band Ruth Fischer featuring Ibadette and Mickey of the Super 700s. Sexually maniacal star appearances and DJs b_books, nancy goes to rio and prinzessin von ho!hernzollern!!!
AB 22 Uhr im HAU 2
tel.259004 27

Womanizer group show in New York at Deitch Projects

Yes the Lady Ms. Davis is part of the Womanizer exhibit that opens at Deitch Projects in SoHo on January 6, 2007 Curated by Kembra Pfahler and Julie Atlas Mus. Vaginal Davis will present a living installation called Present Penicative, that features videos, photos, paintings, drawings, and ephemera from her illustrious outsider art career. Plus she will perform for a male audience of one in the new piece, "Colonize Me" and will perform and host an intimate women only salon called "Bilitis-A Feminine Seperatist Political State"(Located somewhere in Palestine).

Porno Adorno - F*ck Like the F*cking Blacks:

A Performative Workshop with Vaginal Davis, Prinzessin Von Ho! henzollern

21st October, 2006, 20:00, Kant-Kino 5, Berlin. Part of Porn Film Festival Berlin 2006.

Vaginal Davis Returns to Austria, Fall 2006

The Cheap Collektive with Vaginal Davis will be performing in the steirische herbst 2006 performance festival in Graz, Austria Sept 20-October 15, 2006.

Vaginal Davis and kollective Cheap will DJ at the Art Festival Center wed 11 Oct from 9pm - kunstlerhaus in volkspark in graz entritt frei. Come to the Party!

Vaginal Davis in Austria

Vaginal Davis did a series of performances April 5-April 13th, 2006 in Breganz, Austria with the Viennese art collective Gelitin. Their web page is Also see the venue's webpage at

Vaginal Davis in Ohio

Friday, April 21, at 8 pm, Vaginal Davis did a performance in Mitchell Auditorium, Siegfred Hall, Athens, Ohio, at Ohio University. webpage - email contact:

Vaginal Davis in NYC

Where Art and Life Collide-A Festival of Subcultural Performances New York University April 26-May 5th

Vaginal Davis performed along with others in New York in April/May 2006.

Read this account of Bricktops Takes Manhattan

More information at

April 26- artists arrive

April 27- studio visits with MFA students, 2-5pm

April 28- Roselee Goldberg/Performa hosts "NOT FOR SALE" panel with C. Carr, Lucy Sexton, Robert Storr, and other special guest scholars and critics, 6-8 pm, followed by reception, NYU Barney building, 34 Stuyvesant Street, FREE

May 1- Ron Athey, "Incorruptible Flesh: Dissociative Sparkle", durational performance 5-10pm, Artists Space, 38 Greene Street, $10

May 2- Franko B, "Why are you here?", one to one performances, 4pm-midnight by appointment (212-254-4334), Participant Gallery, 95 Rivington Street, ($20)

May 3- LesbiansToTheRescue presentation of special edition poster project, followed by screening of Simeon Hutner's documentary film about Ron Athey, "Martyrs and Saints," including Q+A with film maker, 6:30pm, NYU Barney building, 34 Stuyvesant Street, FREE

May 4- Vaginal Davis, "Bricktops Takes Man!hattan", 6pm student installation opening reception, 10pm showtime ($10), Siberia, 356 West 40th Street featuring DJ's Bernice Bobs Her Hair, Pirate Jenny of Montpelier and Billy Miller of the Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts and performances by The Toxic Titties Collective, Anderson Cooper channeling Bobby Short, John Blue Quartet, Birds in Guilded Cages, Boydello Lounge, Taxi Dancing and many surprises!

May 5- Ron Athey, Vaginal Davis, Franko B Artist lectures, followed by panel discussion with the artists moderated by Jose Munoz and Jennifer Doyle, 6-8pm, NYU Barney building, 34 Stuyvesant street, FREE


a utopian oasis for the literary clubgoer

The Parlour Club, Bricktops old Los Angeles venue, has closed. Watch here for the reappearance of Bricktops at other venues, worldwide.

Beautiful Bricktops art noveau posters are on sale at Bricktops. The posters were lovingly designed by Cory Marie Podielski of the Moveable Feast, there are limited quantities of these highly prized collectors item, so be the first on your blocka to purchase. There are three so far in a special series of posters featuring Bricktop luminaries, all numbered and signed by the artist. Click on images below for larger views.

August 5, 2005 - Final Bricktops at the Parlour Club: Mink Stole, Abbie Travis, Kristian Hoffman, Reny Monk as Josephine Baker accompanied by Tom, Cabinet of Curiosities, Pretty Things, My Barbarian, Selene Luna, Michele Carr of the Velvet Hammer, La Poubelle Twins, Anna Bells, The Fishnet Floozy, Rebekah Del Rio, Jose Promis, Jean Spinosa, Augusta! Hobo Jazz, Penny Starr Junior and almost everyone who has ever played Bricktops doing one short piece.

Dress Fancy, No cellphones, No Hummers, No Range Rovers, and absolutely no plastic surgeries.

Andrew Gould, and tranny temptress, Vaginal Davis present Bricktops! at the Parlour Club, 7702 Santa Monica Blvd in the Russian Quarter of West Hollywood. Bricktops faithfully re-creates the splendour of Jazz Age Cafe Society Paris, Weimar Berlin, and Greenwich Village bohemian intelligentcia. For literate clubgoers sick of the corporate careerist vulturism and youth culture myopia that plagues the tired and stagnant LA club scene, Bricktops provides the only satisfying true alternative. The style and allure of the 1920s has created a "flaming" youth movement and sub-culture, that excercise in camp and kitch, but something more demanding that explores our not so distant past in an environment ripe to promote the creation of new political, artistic and cultural movements. Appropriate lost generation attire requested.


Visions of Excess at Fierce Festival in Birmingham England

Visions of Excess -- A Tribute to George Bataille -- at The Demon Club Strip. Join in. Birmingham. Sunday May 25th 4pm - Monday May 26th 10am. curated by Vaginal Davis and Ron Athey and featuring artists from around the world such as David Grassi of Slovenia, Marcus Lutyens, Spain and Yuraslav Mogutin of Russia with The Velvet Hammer Review(LA) Bruce La Bruce(Canada) Udo Kier(Germany) and many others.

Vaginal Davis opening for Siouxsie and the Banshees

Yes that's right -- the beautiful diva of all Diva's Siouxsie Sioux and her Banshees are playing at the Hollywood Paladium on Saturday Aug 11, 2002 -- and kicking off the show who else but special guest Technova featuring Vaginal Davis and David Harrow, who co-wrote the smash Billy Ray Martin hit "Your Loving Arms."

Platinum Oasis July 13/14 2002

PLATINUM OASIS: La Terra Vista Dalla Luna

Here's the media reports: LA Weekly's Slush, New Times LA -- unfortunately the Advocate's story is not on their website.

Yes, we've gone mad, but here it is anyway back by popular demand part two of our mega-multi-media, hyper-intellectual, 18-hour arts'n'culture celebration of sleaze known the world over as Platinum Oasis at the notorious Coral Sands Motel. This year's theme serves as a tribute to the sick genius of the late poet, author and filmmaker, Pier Paolo Pasolini (Salo, 120 Days of Sodom.) Couture fashion wunderkind Rick Owens has specially designed garments this year, which will be custom fitted to you in our high tech sweat shop. First come first serve so get there early! The hot to trot Velvet Hammer revue will pull it to the bumper alongside the likes of Kid Congo Powers and Little Annie; F2M underground Rap androgenues The End of The World; telenovella brats gone wild! Los Super Elegantes; Israeli pop star Burger!; My Barbarian summoning the Big Anus Devil from Canterbury Tales; New Zealand's Ann Shelton; Italy's Accatone strega-diva Diviana Ingravallo; Turkish fascistic movement performer Mehmet Sander; South Africa's Brian Hecker and Spain's Number One sexy conceptualist Marcos Lutyens; and many more. The 40 rooms of installation include art stars Catherine Opie, Le Tigre's JD Samson' 120 Days of JD, Russian dissident poet Slava, Billy Miller/Straight to Hell, Brendan Mullen/Adam Parfrey, Emilio Cubiero's "Death of an Asshole" Hosted by Mark Simon with special guest Annie Sprinkle, the One Institute Archive's "Degeneration of the Invert," and everyone's fav libertine: Bruce La Bruce with St'Eve Hall. Round midnight, a Platypus-style "Reeperbahn.² At dawn, St. Salicia Tate leads her Mormen Jrs. in gospel-funk aerobics with a hymn service by Glen Meadmore's Hot Horny and Born Again Cuntry Band.

Hogma Soleil,
Ron Athey and Vaginal Davis

Full list of artists and installations.

Dr. Davis opens for Margaret Cho!

In a dizzying, coast-to-coast spree of comedy and crime, Dr. Vaginal Davis opened for comedian Margaret Cho's "Notorious C.H.O." tour which started August 30 in Miami and continued through January, culminating in an appearance at New York City's Carnegie Hall!

Read Vag's Tour Diary for all the astounding details!

Check out this interview with Margaret Cho from the L.A. Times where she mentions her fondness for this very Vaginal Davis website!

Deutschland, Switzerland, and England

Dr. Vaginal Davis has returned from her summer tour of Europe. Here is a German review of one of her performances.

In May, Vaginal Davis performed in Berlin in the theatre piece "Cheap Jewelry" as part of "Reich und Berühmt", a performance festival sponsored by Podewil, with a premiere party in Bastard on May 9.

As part of her European tour, Dr. Davis stepped off the continent for a packed-to-the-rafters feature performance at London's primo performance art nightspot Duckie on Saturday May 26th at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London.

Ms. Davis also appeared to thunderous approval in Zurich, Switzerland at Seminar fur Filmwissenschaft at the Universitat Zurich and at Shedhalle Zurich.

And back in Germany, Dr. Davis performed her piece "Sucking Her Un-Born Cock" at Praeter in Berlin on June 9th, sponsored by the Volksbruner and Podevil, featuring la diva picking unique well endowed Germanicuses for a special one-on-one in a specially designed and unique setting.

Vaginal Davis on the Wheels of Steel

Proving that Boy George is not the only tired drag queen re-styling herself as a DJ, Vaginal Davis DJed at the LA debut party for art-world darlings Fischerspooner (as seen on the cover of über-hip Index Magazine.) in March 2001.

If you liked Ms. D.'s Sucker DJ-ing as spinderella behind the wheels of steel you'll love what she does at the West Coast Passerby in conjunction with Manhattan gallery Gavin Brown's Enterprise.

And check out Vag's interview with Fischerspooner from the L.A. Weekly.

Vag Gets Bestial With Le Tigre

Vag's performance with Le Tigre show was a blast. Missing in-action was underground film legend Sadie Benning who apparently doesn't like to tour. 400 people had to be turned away and it was so hot and stinky at the Smell that Vaginal Davis passed out and was given mouth-to-mouth resesitation by Kathleen Hanna and boyfriend Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys and then Vaginal sucked the rapper's toes ate out his bung hole right on stage to the shrieks of the adoring fans.

European Tour Accolades

Dr. Davis showed The White To Be Angry at film festivals in Milan, Bologna, Turin, and Rome, and also performed in Zurich at the Kunstgewerbe-Schule.

Vaginal Davis is features on the cover of Jose Eseban Munoz' book Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics, and is the subject of a chapter of the book, "Vaginal Creme Davis's 'Terrorist Drag.'" Please seek out and read this important document of queer studies.

Vaginal Davis has a chapter, "The Guadalamara Canal Diary" in the bestselling new book The Underground Guide to Los Angeles edited by punk princess Pleasant Gehman from San Francisco's Manic D.

LaMonica's Story
:LaMonica Rhys-Jones tells of her relationship with the President of the United States in an L.A. Weekly cover story.

Vaginal Davis in Sissymag on women of Bruce La Bruce's The Misandrists: Susanne Sachsse, Viva Ruiz and Kembra Pfahler

New books with stuff about VD:
Vaginal Davis has an essay in "Blinded By Love", a beautifully bound coffee table art book tribute to Franko B the Italian-born British art star. And newly available is the Performa New Visual Art Performance book by Roselee Goldberg which has some sketches, text and photos from the VD as VB performance in New York.

In a recent blog entry, Vaginal Davis commented about an academic article from 1997 from the journal College Literature by Michael du Plessis and Kathleen Chapman titled "Queercore: The distinct identities of subculture". Here's a link to the specific sections, page 7 and page 8.

Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu in an interview volunteered this quote about the influence of Vaginal Davis on his work: "I am bi and found artists that were androgynous hit me hard -- Peter Murphy, David Bowie, Morrissey. But there was a drag queen named Vaginal Davis that changed my life. I had no idea you could be punk and a drag queen and ultra intense and insane and hot and brilliant all at the same time."

The February 2006 issue of Paper Magazine has photos of the Bricktop's gang representing 1920's Glamorpusses Tribe (Flappers, Dappers, Speakeasies/Weimar Berlin Chic!).

Vaginal Davis has an article in the latest issue of Zoo Magazine. Zoo is a quarterly on fashion, art, design, architecture, photography, film, music and books in English and German, published in Europe (The Netherlands) and distributed worldwide. Zoo features the work of top fashion photographers including: Steven Klein, Terry Richardson, Alex Cayley, and Alexei Hay. The latest issue is on the stands now. Their website is

Interview with Ms. Davis at

Vaginal Davis reports on the John Waters Christmas Party event for LA Weekly -- third item in this column

Vaginal Davis provides vocals on the new Technova musical releases, the project of David Harrow. The full-length CD/LP is titled Electrosexual, and the first single is "I Could Have Sex" (the song is also available on the Nag Nag Nag compilation.) Here's a review of the CD, and the CD and single are available from

Download the video for the song "mamma's not dead" by Technova, featuring Vaginal Davis.

Men of all ages, races and body types for classy modern, burlesque review. College age to senior citizen welcome. Can be fat, femme or F2M. Must have youthful spirit, be uninhibited, with personality, charm and sex appeal galore.

Contact Gleeson Brevard at gleebrevard (at) for more information and to set up time for an audition.

Beyond Ghetto Fabulous article by Vaginal Davis.

Dr. Davis goes to Michigan for academia and to England to scout locations for her upcoming Birmingham gig and has sweaty sauna fun -- details in the personal diary of Vaginal Davis. [Also check out the tour diary from Vag's trek around the U.S. with Margaret Cho.]

LA Alternative Press article on Bricktops

New film reviews from Vag -- A Mighty Wind, The Hours, Russian Ark, and more.

Dr. Davis put on her highbrow professor hat and performed Saturday, January 19th 5:30 pm at UCR/California Museum of Photography in downtown Riverside, California. The event was part of a two day symposium called Queer(ing) Warhol: Examining Andy Warhol's Queer(ed) Performances and features leading contemporary scholars including Douglas Crimp, Amelia Jones, and Jose Esteban Muñoz discussing Warhol's art, and historical presence as a queer subject.

Vaginal Davis' short story "The Everlasting Secret First Family of Fuck." appears in the new anthology Aroused edited by performance artist Karen Finley and published by Thunder's Mouth Press. Other celebrity contributers are Lydia Lunch, John Waters, Hubert Selby Jr, Wallace Shawn, Jerry Stahl, Richard Hell and bell hooks.

Review of Margaret Cho and Vaginal Davis' show in San Francisco.

Vaginal Davis on bike riding in L.A.

Contessa Cycle: a day in the life of Vaginal Davis.

Ms. Davis gives an unorthodox perspective on current events to Great Britain's Rainbow Network.

Back up to the Main Page to see a drawing of Vaginal Davis by Dan Clowes, creature of "Ghost World," the new Terry Zwigoff film.

Dr. Davis gets all indie-rock in an article from the Advocate on Mr. Lady Records.

Berlin Diaries
Vaginal Davis pulls an Isherwood, as in Christopher, demonstrating how the capital of Germany should be properly serviced in the pages of Das Tagebuch einer Verlorenen.

UK website interview
Check out this interview with Vag from the British queer website Rainbow Network.

Rocky Mountain Oysters
Vaginal Davis appeared at the Queer Arts Festival at the University of Colorado at Boulder on Friday April 6th. Campus Crusade for Queers is one of the groups that put on the event

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